Silicone misconceptions.

I have read in a lot of threads in the past and I just read one here concerning looping yoyo’s.

The misconception is that silicone makes a yoyo unresponsive. Absolutely not true.
Even silicone recessed yoyo’s can be responsive.

The bearing is what makes the yoyo unresponsive. Now you can change the feel of the response with different types of silicone or pads but that does not change the tug responsiveness.

Clean a bearing and put it into a responsive yoyo and you will see that it will be unresponsive.
Add some lube to the bearing and you will notice that it will become responsive.

So when considering silicone, don’t think it will make your yoyo unresponsive.


I think the use of a silicone response system is that it gives tight binds.

if you recess it, it will.

It will what? Become unresponsive? Nope. I’ve got a lot of yo’s that are silicone recessed. Some metals and some plastics. If I drop one small drop of thick lube in the bearing it will be responsive for weeks.

Also, gap width can make it unresponsive or responsive.

In certain situations you’re right. But it definitely impacts responsiveness.

If I buy a stock FHZ and sili recess it. It will be unresponsive. I would know because I’m selling a whole batch of them.

And yes, different pads will also make an impact. Not as dramatic, but still an impact.

Exactly. If I drop one small drop of thick lube in my SB 888 it will be responsive.

The only reason those FHZ’s would be unresponsive is because of a cleaned bearing. I’ve recessed about 100 or more zero’s, Probably 50 or so FH2’s among other yo’s. Everyone of them that has a stock uncleaned bearing is responsive.

I know what I know and you know what you know.

I think the point is, a stock Lyn is responsive. However, if you silicone it, it will be unresponsive.

(Silicone will have a bigger impact on O-rings then Stickers/Pads).

You are both correct to your own rights, and I think you both know it.

I understand what you are saying. Oh and the last 9 lyns I bought were unresponsive out of the box.

I just don’t want some kid siliconing their yoyo and it be responsice still and get mad at you or anyone else that told them different.

PWNED! lol why does anyone buy 9 Lyns?

I think you quoted the wrong post, but that is a lot of lyns

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Nobody pwned anybody :-\

JM is right, we both have different results because we both have different ways of doing the same thing.

I think the bottom line is that silicone will have an impact on response but it won’t be as drastic as you might think.

Dude i know it was just funny and i agreed with you, i know that you guys are both right but i think he failed to see your opinion.

Yeah I did. But thats ok because I know what I know and He know’s what he know’s. Problem solved. Why are you guy’s trying to turn this into a fight? This isn’t YYN! lol

The reason I bought 9 lyns is because I teach a yoyo class at my church every sunday night. HUZZA!!

dude thats freakin awesome i wish i could go lol. Im not trying to make a fight, the way i am is that two people with different opinions cant both be right i just cant stop until one person understands what my side is fully and you fail to see it so im just gonna stop posting about it.

Instead of naming this thread “silicone misconseptions”, we should name it “arguement misconseptions.” You guys argue way to much. Tone it down a bit.

It’s not arguing, it’s debating. (like I just did :P)

Then it’s some nasty debating that shouldn’t happen.

EDIT: Not to you, but in the community members that are involved in it.