My Yomega Dash Unresponsive Mod

Hey guys! So recently I decided to try and make my dash as unresponsive as possible. It’s a really great player now. The response is still pretty grippy, but other than suicides, tricks are relatively easy. I did three things to my dash - response, bearing, and shims. Note - this is the old version, not the C-sized, therefore, I can’t use a KK or a fancy bearing.


This is the easiest part. Unscrew the yoyo, and take off the silver metal spacers. Then, pluck out that yucky rubber response. You won’t be needing that anytime soon. Siliconing the Dash is slightly different than other yoyos, due to the spacer sitting on top of the actual response. I used this guide for siliconing.


Really, there isn’t much you can do about the bearing. As mentioned before, it’s an odd size, J or something. This means the only bearing you can use is the Yomega one. BUT, I put a drop of thin lube in the bearing, and broke it in. Other than that, the only thing you can do is just keep on playing it. Cleaning yomega bearings usually does not work, as described in the video I posted.


This is one that I came up with on my own. Using this guide:

I made two shims, and inserted them under the spacers. Then I put the spacers on, and after screwing the yoyo together, the gap is noticeably larger.


The gap of the yoyo. You can see the spacers slightly sticking out, because of the shims

The guts. The half on the left side has the spacer in, the one on the right has the spacer out, revealing the shim I made. You can also see the flowable.

Closeup of the flowable, and the Dash’s odd internal setup where the spacer sits on the response.

Thoughts or comments?

Nice job! The good thing about the new Dash though is that it comes unresponsive.

I did hear that. I think it’s really nice that Yomega is C-bearingizing (?) their throws. Unfortunately, I bought my Dash a long time ago.

Is the dash relatively similar to the maverick? My maverick has c bearing in it. If like to make it unresponsive. Where can I get the silicone and what do I look for?

You can get the silicone at any auto or whatnot store. It’s labelled as a windshield sealant. The one I use is by Permatex, and it looks like this:

The dash is indeed very similar to the maverick. In fact, they are almost the same yoyo. I’m not exactly sure how you got a maverick with a C-sized bearing, I thought they didn’t upgrade mavericks. I could be wrong though.

If you have a C-sized bearing maverick, you have a way easier time. Replace the response with silicone, and clean the bearing. If you want, you can swap it out for another bearing. Just skip the shims.

Update - added some pics!

Sorry for the low quality.

Ok thanks. I ordered it new from amazon and on the front of the package it said with new c sized bearing. I’m pretty sure it is, it’s the same bearing that came with my. DM2

Looked on amazon, and I think I found the one you’re talking about.

So yep, you should be good to go :slight_smile:

The main reason I was asking is because on one side if response the rubber piece just flew out. So I just put the silicone in there and it flows right into place? Or will I need to work it in a little with something. Never messed with silicone so I have no clue about it.

If you get flowable silicone, it will level itself out like any liquid, but taking a longer time.

You can use yyj silicone o rings, but the new dashes/mavericks come with silicone, not rubber, in any event.

So I made and put the shims into my Dash, but it’s a little vibey. Even though I will put flowable silicone in, is it necessary to have it in to reduce the vibe (or should it not have vibe at all)?

When I put shims in, it also created vibe. It’s hard - you have to get shims that fit perfectly and don’t rattle around inside (I think that’s what causes the vibe). Flowable is not there to reduce vibe, but to be a more unresponsive response system.

If you can’t make perfect shims, and I know, because it’s very difficult, you can always just leave the shims out.

The only reason why I said it would reduce vibe is because on an another tutorial on how to apply the flowable silicone, it said that the silicone would help keep the spacer in place. I guess I’ll just try to keep on making different spacers to see if they’ll work. Thanks!

I guess that makes sense, but here it’s the shim that’s vibing, not the spacer.

Glad I could help.