Yomega Dash

So im getting a yomega dash.Its A goldish color.Has a few pinpricks on it.I want to make it dead unresponsive and do some cool mods to it.Any ideas?

I have the dash to, tis a great throw. I put silicone in it desheilded the bearing cleaned and lubed it and now its very unresponsive. I use mine for freehand. I’m also hoping to have it polished.

I just broke in the bearing, put O-rings in it, and use alchemy strings on it. Plays pretty good. :slight_smile:

i did this too my maverick but it should work. siliconed cleaned bearing. i use it for 5a

Why do you want it to be dead unresponsive? Have you tried responsive play much?

They fit in, just standard YYJ O-rings. nothing to it. they just stay in.

Remember lunatic, this is a pre-loved Dash, so it’s ready to love you back. :smiley:

all I did was cleaned the bearings and my dash and maverick are dead unresponsive. awesome yoyo’s