How can i make my Dash unresponsive?

I just recently bought a Yomega Dash and i didn’t know if i would have to silicone mod it as well as put some thin lube in to make unresponsive.

Clean the bearing.

99% of the responsive yoyo is in the bearing. No need to sili mod or anything else until you do that first and see if it works foe you. No doubt it will.

This. And just play it. The response will break in after a while.

omg you bought it! sweet. you still getting that psg? well back on topic, clean the bearing, buy flowable, remove blue pads, silicone it. or like my unresponsive maverick, which you have played, i simply broke in the blue response pads! do that by playing with it nonstop for a while. DONT LUBE IT! (and how were you supposed to lube it without MY lube! freeloader… well who am i kidding i troll your fridge every time i come over lol!) you could have texted me u know :frowning: lol jk see u around (and yes i will troll all your topics mwahahah :wink: )

I don’t think you understand the definition of that word.

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I know the real definition. Its just I love saying that to him cuz he loves singing the trolololol song . its an ongoing joke fyi. and if
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After cleaning my Yomega HotShot bearing, it was still semi-responsive due to the rubber response (I assume it would be the same with the Dash, since they both use the same response. Hope this helps.