yomega dash 2013 become responsive


i got my dash only a few days ago and to keep it in tip-top condition i applied some yoyojam thin oil, thinking it would make less of a sound and sing longer but in fact it become responicive, what should i do?


ah i think you may have added a little too much thin lube there, if youre not in a hurry to get it dead unersponsive, just play it till the bearing breaks in completely. if not, you can wash the bearing in lighter fluid or smth if you want a quick fix


Yeah it’s gotta be the Lubricant. Just take care of it, and it will get more unresponsive. Or grab a 10 ball. Great bearings.


I primarily throw a c sized dash; I ordered mine with a KK bearing though. Although your dash came with a ten ball bearing, and as much as I enjoy yomega (personal preference ingrained from the 90s, I dot like change,) the bearing that came with your dash is sub par to almost any other generic bearing. I’d recommend buying a cheap bearing to replace it, or a nice one if you have the extra money. That aside, a good cleaning and a drop or two of thin lube should do the trick. I generally get some thin lube on the tip of a needle or tooth pick and apply it directly to a ball in a deshielded freshly cleaned bearing and give it some spins to work it in. Once per side is more than enough from my experience.


Clean out the bearing and don’t add lube.


Play it until the lube breaks down a bit.

Seriously, like half a drop added to a shielded bearing will be all you need for 2-3 months.


Playing dry is a personal preference, and literally a barely visible drop on the tip of a needle will drop your spin time drastically and last forever. Basically if you can see the lube on the needle from a foot away it’s most likely more than enough to lubricate four bearings.