Yomega Dash/Maverick Q

Are the Bearings, Spacers, and/or Response pads that come in the original Dash/Maverick Interchangeable? I ask because I have a Maverick that plays unresponsive and my friend just got his first yoyo (a Dash) that plays responsive, so I was wondering if swapping the pads might make a difference or if changing the bearing, string, ect. might be better.


P.S. Can you sand down the response instead of using silicone?



Yes. Changing pads or siliconing will fix it :).

Also, clean the bearing. Watch a video here or on youtune.

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

Could it also just be a matter of breaking them in?

Is it using the spacer over blue rubber thing setup? You won’t be able to silicone it if does. Clean the bearing and you will have done all that you could besides play it.

you can silicone it, but the easiest way to do it would be with flowable silicone.

How would you keep it of the axle?

There’s a video at YoTricks on how to silicone an original Dash/Maverick.

I also heard that there aren’t C-clips on the old bearings. What’s the best way to clean them?

If there isn’t a c clip on the bearing that just makes it easier to clean. Put an once or two of acetone in a glass or ceramic cup then place the bearing in there. Swish it around with a metal object (screw driver, utensil, anything non plastic) then take it out and spin it while there is still acetone in the bearing. Repeat the swishing and spinning a few times then let it dry. Can also hit it with some compressed air before, after, both, or use the paper cleaning method then some air. Acetone is cheap and most people have it if have ever used non water based paints.