Got my smoov back from yomega today

;D so i sent my yoyo back to yomega last friday and got it back today brandy new and working great. they actually said it was defective and gave me 100 poly strings because they were sorry for the inconvenience. the not inside said they were sorry for what happened and they buffed it out and let it go into testing.the finish is way better and i could do palm grinds on it its so smoov!

and if anybody has one please tell me how to make it unresponsive because its completely responsive now. i don’t have thin lube so thats outa the question i gess

You could clean the bearing. Also, I have heard of people taking out one the pads in it. I actually replaced the blue rubber pads in my Dash with o-rings. :slight_smile:

cleaning the bearing is out of the question cuz i don’t wanna ruin it. but ill take a rubber pad on it and maybe i’ll silicone it. you ever heard of somebody siliconing and smoov cuz i never have and i dont know if its like sketchy or what

People have siliconed Mavericks which I believe have the same groove for response as the Ooch Smoov does. Not entirely sure about that though.

Its kinda hard to do, but take the spacer, bearing, and everything else out of the bearing seats, then jkust put a glob of silicone in it. Then slap the spacer back on nice and tight, then scrape off the excess silicone like you, would with a regular yoyo. At least tht workds for me.

You could wash it and lube it with a thin lube substitute like sewing oil.

cleaning a bearing doesn’t hurt your bearings. Running them dry will eventually though. No need to change the response. Mine was perfectly unresponsive stock with a cleaned bearing. The response is nothing like the maverick either. Also there are no spacers in it. Just like a normal bearing seat of any yoyo.

Sorry, I was wrong about that. :-\