Dented bearing

Something happened yesterday that is bad. My string got caught and I couldn’t open my Ooch yo but when I finally wrestled it open the bearing had a dent! The sleep times and responsiveness are horrible now. I am probably going to purchase a bearing or three and am looking at the Yoyoexpert bearings, Size C. These will work, right? Also, is there a way to fix the dents at all? I’ll work on taking pictures.

Thank you in advance.

YYE Size C bearings will work in it. Make sure you get a bearing removel tool/ a drill bit (i think its 1/4 drill bit) to remove the bearing, unless the bearing seat is loose enough to take out with your fingers.

It’s probably the shields that have the dent. Just remove the c-clip with a thin needle and the shield will fall out.

Cool! :smiley:

I don’t need pics, cuz I fixed it with a needle and a hammer! Yay! Thank you! Yay!

Ah yes, the hammer. The fixer of everything!

Glad it worked out. That’s really all that matters.

Thanks everyone!

It really is. :o