Bearing Sheild Dented

Okay, so I was trying to take the bearing apart, I’ve done this before, and I got the c-clips out, pressed on the shield, and It just dented!!! It reduces my one minute sleepers to like 5 seconds, so any help will be appreciated.

Try playing with your bearing deshielded. Unless you really pressed hard onto the shield, I don’t think you should get a dent that would ruin your bearing, but just try taking them out.

Yeah, what she said. The bearing shield isn’t important, just remove it. Just that dirt might come into your bearing every once in a while. Just clean it and it will be fine. If it still doesn’t play, you probably damaged the ball bearing, and you will have to buy a new one i think (If it is damaged, plays badly without shield) :frowning:

The problem is I can’t get it out

Use the C-Clip and poke it out. Or bang the bearing lightly on the table to make it fall off.

Tried it. I even piled books around the wooden floor, threw it down, and nothing happened. Is there anyway to loosen it?

Keep trying. If it doesn’t work, you probably dented it really bad, and the C-clip and the shield are jammed. I would just recommend getting a new bearing.


I got the c-clip out before.

you guys do know that you can still use a bearing without shields

Kim-Lan said that. BAM - Captain Obvious to the rescue!@

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But I can’t get the bloody shield off!

ohhhhhhhhh, i misunderstood your problem, just tbang it on the table bc the cclip is already out

It isn’t coming out :-X

try to get the needle that u used to take the c-clip off to get the shield off if u cant do that just get a new bearing

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Sorry - Couldn’t resist ;D

lols don’t use bad words on this forum, even if its not “That” vulgar. I suggest just getting a new bearing :frowning:

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hey i had the same problem like you and i just use a needle andpush into the gap at the side and it should come off or if it still doesnt work put tape on the shield and just quickly take it out