Bearing Shields

Any tips on removing these darn things? p.s. i’ve removed them before

I usually de shield bearings, so I use a blade to dent the edge of it so I can pry it up.

Use a sewing needle to pry off the tip of the c clip.

I wouldn’t recommend this. You won’t be able to reshield your bearing if you feel so inclined, and you could damage the bearing in some way. (be it tweaking the cage slightly or something else)
Just use some kind of needle like a sewing needle, push pin, or other similarly pointy objects. Go around the bearing one way, and if you don’t feel your needle catch that well, try going around it the other way. I’ve found that usually c clips have one side that’s a lot easier to pop out than the other.

My B-bearings in my 6 Unleashed had shields and no C-clips. Unfortunately, those shields are not re-usable now. I’m gonna find another vendor who carries the B-sized bearings that have shields.