Stupid bearing clip blues...

Anyone ever go try to clean one of their bearings and the stupid little clip just will not budge?!
I have a 10-ball that is being a big pain… I have been trying off and on in my free time for a week to get this little c-clip off. >:( I want to throw it into a brick wall right about now!!

What do you do in these situations?!

Yes. I find if I use the flat edge of an exacto and a lighter touch it usually works well. Taking a break and coming back to it after a breather also helps.
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On a single side of the bearing, try one end of the C-clip, then try the other. One end tends to be cut in a way that can be easier to get the needle, pin or point to get into, allowing you to more easily remove it. You may also try to pinch the bearing to prevent the races from moving and the shield s well, which should help lock the C-clip in place better and help prevent those from moving as well.

Practice. It just takes practice.

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I noticed that 10 ball bearings don’t have those notches on the c-clips to make them easier to remove, so you have to put a lot of pressure on the ends with a needle to get them out. Most of the time with these, I just end up breaking off the shields since unshielded work just fine for me.

I just use a strong pin and press directly down on the edge of the shield to dent/bend it. Then I pry the shield out. I always just use my bearing unshielded.

it usually takes me a few times of trying and then putting it down and trying again later… but this bearing was just being a little punk so I took Jason’s suggestion and just ripped the shields out!
No shields now but I will never have to deal with de-shielding this little bugger again! ;D

Thanks again guys… I just really needed to vent! lol…

Happy throwing! :slight_smile:

A lot of people don’t use shielded bearings. I do, it’s my preference. But, no shields aren’t necessarily a bad thing. One less thing to deal with! Or rather, 4 less things(2 shields, 2 C clips)

What I hate is when the c-clips come flying out and launch into your face!

Sewing needles tend to have a sharper/thinner point and can easily pop that clip out. I think you should hold the bearing with your fingers in a way so that out would not spin while the other hand try to pry out the clip. Just dont stab yourself if you slip.

That’s why it’s best to aim them downward when plucking.
That and I find sometimes I’ll have removed the clip without knowing it until the shield falls on the floor. Because, gravity.
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haha I do this too. Works usually, although I think i hurt something inside of the yo last time i did it. I just got a sewing needle that has been working amazing because the tip is super duper sharp.

I’ve only had experience doing this at school, because that’s what I do when I’m bored. I have to use a paper clip though.