C clip on my bearing

i was trying to clean my bearing and i couldn’t get the little c clip out. i was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions to help my get it out.

I believe the most used way to remove the C-clip is by taking a needle and get it underneath the clip, then pry it off. There’s not a lot of other well working methods for this. Some people might use magnets or some other method. But in the end, I believe there is a reason most people use needles.

Addment: Some people just bang their bearing into a table until the clip falls off. That might cause harm to your bearing, stick with the needle.

yea a needle well do the trick. there are two ends to the c -clip so it is cut different on on of them. to see which end of the clip to stick the needle just put he need around the rim of the bearing and rotate the bearing tell it hooks. I might make a video on how to do it. than just pry it out. hears a bearing video for you. I don’t know if you have seen it but here it is.

any questions just ask.
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Actually, if you seriously can’t get it out with the tips above, just clean it. You can clean it with the shields on. JUst make sure that you clean it twice, because once wont do the trick.

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