removing c clip from Center Trac Bearing

i’ve spent hours ttrying to remove the c-clip from the Center Trac Bearing of my starlite so i can clean it and its not working. any methods other then using a needle?

a smaller needle.

seriously, you might be trying to get the wrong side off, try the other side of the c-clip

I had the c-clips pop out from a bearing when it accidentally dropped on a tile floor. I was taking apart my yoyo because I got a tangle after a crappy bind. Both clips popped and of course the bearing de-shielded.

So, I don’t recommended it, but hey, it’s something. YRMV(Your Results May Vary)

Well getting the shields off for cleaning is the whole point of taking the clips out.

Sharpen the needle

I mean, I don’t recommend dropping a bearing onto a tile floor as a method of removing the C-clips.

De-shielding a bearing is absolutely necessary for proper cleaning.

What I do is remove the c clip and the sheild in one motion. I put a razor blade (the rectangle kind with the metal holding strip on the top) inside the bearing, only slightly. Just underneath the sheild on the very inside and pry upwards and it just pops off. I got really frustrated with trying to get off those c clips and I tried that once and it solved my problems.