Deshielding Help

Okay, so I am trying to clean a YYJ bearing but I seem to have met my match and cannot seem to get leverage against the C-clip to pop it out. Any help, tips or advice?

Help is really appreciated.

Keep on trying, Some times it takes me a whole 1/2 hour.

Sometimes the c-clips fit in fairly tight. If you haven’t done it before it can be difficult to see and feel where the gap is, in the c-clip. I recommend a magnifying glass. Once you see it, you can usually get to the point where you can just feel the gap and pop them right off.

try both sides of the c clip too. and I’m not sure what you’re using, but maybe a small pin would help

As everyone here has mentioned, it can be a bit trying. The tips given are good. One more is if you are having a problem even finding the gap is to run the tip of the pin around the edge of the bearing to “feel” for the gap. When you hit it you will feel slight snag as you move over it. And as mentioned, try both sides as one side usually is easier than the other. Once you get the end lifted a bit, continue running the pin around the edge.

try using a needle, how i do it is i stick it under the crack and force it to pop up and out. but it can take up to 30 mins so just keep trying and you will get it.

Be patient. Try one side, try the other, go back and forth. Some bearings are so full of grease(yes, grease!) that once you get the clips off, the shield won’t come off…

It’s taken me over 15 minutes to get a shield out. If I get frustrated, I step away and then come back. It’s not always easy.

Agreed. I’ve also found throwing them at the wall helps. Though not with actual removing of shields.
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Funny you should mention that. I was playing my DM2 and I hadn’t screwed it down enough and the yoyo came apart, the bearing hit the ground and both C-clips popped out and the bearing de-shielded. Lost a clip. Oh well!

I did the same thing with my dietz. Came apart in the street. But that means now I have a diets don’t have to worry about getting scratched. Which I’m enjoying.
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