De-shielding bearing help!

Ok, Im trying to de-shield one of my YYJ bearings and I just cant get the C-clip to come out.I have a pin and I have been trying for hours to get this thing off but now m thumbs really hurt.

But what I am really asking is there anyway that I can do this in an easier way without hurting myself or the bearing? Because I just got this bearing today.
Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you.

the only advice i have is to try to get the c-clip out from an angle andonce its on the other side of the c clip try to sort of pop it out

The c-clip has two sides. Make sure that you are “pinning” at the side with the red arrow. You should be able to look in there and see
Couresy of Apetrunk

Yes I am doing that, but it doesn’t seem to move. And I can’t seem to get the pin under the C-clip and force it out.

Just keep picking at it. Put the pin in at different angles and eventually you should be able to get one underneath it. Then just pop it up and there you go. Make sure you are over like tile or something so that you can find it if you lose it. Or get a magnet.

There’s a ramp on ONE side of the C-clip. If you can’t get it out, try the other side of the gap

this and what jm’s picture said, and just keep forcing it under 'n popping it up

You don’t get the pin undere it. you get the pin behind it. What kind of bearing is it? some bearings don’t have them.

Its a YYJ Large size bearing. Not the Big-Yo size but the standard size. I just can’t seem to get it.

That’s fine. It’s more or less the same.

Try watching the first part of this. It should help.