when i try to deshield my bearing the c-clip doesnt come off. instead it just moves :frowning: any tips on deshielding out their? (i have watched the cleaning video but i cant see what hes doing)

I just press my finger on the other half of the bearing, where the c-clip isnt, and it stops the bearing from moving around

make sure the nedle you are using is small enough, and try hold the bearing firmly against a table with one hand and use the needle to get in behind the c clip and push it towards the center and up out of the groove.

most compaies put the side ofthe c clip that rises from the left to right on the right ( looks like this / ) this side is easier to push up so try to get it from that side . after i clean my bearings i always make sure the the side of the c clip like this / is on the left but it is oposite much easier. pm me if u need help

I try to get behind the c-clip with the needle, and it comes out easily.

Put your thumb across the bottom part of the side of the bearing you are deshielding. thos will keep it from rotating on you. it will also help avoid it flying off into oblivion. make sure the needle you are using is thin with a good point on it, and try to slide the tip into the c ring gap, and the pry the end on the c-clip down (toward the middle of the bearing), not out (toward you).