Question on bearing cleaning

Alright so I’m having a nightmare trying to deshield my Yoyo bearings and I have never done that before. But I have a question do you have to desheild the bearing in order to clean it in acetone? Because I am having the hardest time desheilding these little suckers.

Just keep at it.
cleaning a bearing with the shields on doesn’t work very good.
I use exacto knifes to remove the “C” clips. Be careful when you remove “C” clips. normally what you are using to do so, can snap and send shards of metal flying. As well as the “C” clips which fly when you remove them a lot of the time.
“C” clips have a side that is profiled in a way you can get something behind it. make sure you are working on that side of the “C” clip.

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okay now with some of my 10 balls bearings from one drop seem to be tighter c clips and are harder to get out any tips on that?

Don’t bother with the c-clips.The shields are redundant when the bearing is in a yo-yo and chances are you won’t put the them back in anyway. Just stick a pin in the shields and tear them off.

I CAUTIOUSLY use a sewing needle. Stick it straight in the gap and turn it in to the opening of the clip. Comes right out. IMO shields aren’t necessary to replace.

OD bearings are really hard to deshield. I deshield bearings like that with a nail and hammer. GENTLY and CAREFULLY tap the shield until its deformed enough to pop out. Too much deformation can result in permanent damage, so this method does need some caution with it. I normally only use it with bearings without C-clips. I never had much luck with any other method.

thanks for the encouragement about my OD bearings. And I’m not sure I will do the nail thing but I am probably going to do something involving a a magnifying glass to get the c-clips out. However I do know this with my cheaper stainless steel bearings they were easier to desheild so that’s a fact I wish OD made it easier though.

I agree with some previous posts don’t reshield them once u get them out. Their only purpose is to keep junk out of the bearing but the bearing is well protected from ur yoyo anyways so it just slows it down.

The yoyo itself isn’t as good of a shield as the bearing shields. But it’s good enough. I rarely re-shield either.

The 10-balls are indeed particularly tough. I use a straight pin (or sewing needle, though those are more expensive!) and make sure it’s one that has a new sharp point. If I can get one end of the clip to move “inward” just a little bit, I then slide the pin in between the shield and the outer race before levering it out.

It’s annoying. You’ll get it with some patience!