Tips for removing bearing shields?

I often have a tough time removing the bearing shields. I have tried different sized needles but instead of the clips simply popping out, the needle often slides off the bearing and stabs my finger. Any tips on how to remove the shields easily? What tool do you use?

The end of the C-clips are angled. Look for the end that’s angled out, it will be easier to get a needle/pin wedged under. You shouldn’t really need to use too much force, just gently pry it out once you feel the needle catch the edge.

There’s a guide with good pics here:

Useful modification & maintenance guides - Axles,Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos >> How to deshield a bearing (about 1/3 way down page…

I use exacto knife blades, they work better than anything I have found, if you are ham fisted use some eye protections as the blades can chip. Although I have been using the same blade since 2008. Obviously move the blade away from yourself. So you don’t get cut.

I use the student compass :slight_smile: The tip is small enough and some how i find it easier to use. Furthermore, the compass is easier to hold than the small needle, so you can have more control.

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You wouldn’t happen to know if you use an X-Acto #1 or #2 Knife?

I use the X-Acto #1 but the #2 should work as well…

Well… ended up getting one of the shields off, the other is stuck on. I gave up on it after 30 minutes. I think I’m just going to play with dry bearings. This is frustrating me too much.

Just pry them out and throw them away. They’re really not needed all that much.

On Yotricks, Adam said you can lube the bearing with the shields on. I tried that but I guess I put too much lube on the bearing and now the yo-yo is responsive. I was able to remove both shields on that yo-yo somehow to clean the bearing with paint thinner (mineral spirits). The yo-yo is still responsive though. It played better before I lubed it! Ugh. Will the yo-yo return to how it was if I just keep throwing it? I hate to think that I ruined my OD Benchmark W that I just bought.

Update: I was able to remove the other c-clip on the bearing by prying the shield out. The two yo-yos that I cleaned are now less responsive after throwing them for a bit. I’m not sure if I should lube them up or run them dry. How long does a dry bearing last before it becomes unplayable?

One tiny drop of thin lube on it after cleaning should keep it nice and still unresponsive. I don’t recommend playing it dry.

That sounds like a great idea! I have trouble holding the needle. I used to try holding the needle with pliers. The compass has a built in holder! Thanks for the tip!

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Let me know how the compass works out

I will the next time I have to remove shields…ALL my bearings already have them removed.

Do you put a drop on one side of the bearing and then flip it over and add a drop to the other side?

Just one side. It distributes to the whole bearing as it spins.

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I found an easy way to remove the clips… just bend in the shield and then just put the xacto knife under the c-clip and lift them up ;D

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