cant remove my c-clip

I am trying to clean my brand new 10 ball.I tried to remove the c-clip from one side and it worked fine,then the other side was frustrating I bent my shield,cracked like 7 c-clips,bent a fishing hook,bent a needle,and got the pointy part off a push pin,I just cant get it out,I’ll worry about the shield later but how do I get the c-clip off,I have been trying for like an hour!

Well, If one side is already off, you really shouldn’t have to take off the other side. Just clean it with one shield on and one shield off and it should work perfectly fine.

well,I keep all my shield off,and its already dented anyways

If you look closely, you’ll see a kind of ramp in the c-clip. Probably on the right side of the gap. Stick the needle in there, and then push in towards the middle.

If it’s really stuck, and your bearing won’t even spin :,1364.0.html

thanks but I would rather not freeze a 10-ball

Darn, youre in a bad situation here, does the bearing still spin? If it does, just clean it like that. I also couldn’t get any of my shields off, so i just cleaned it with the caps lol

I had this problem the first time I tried to clean my 10ball. I just spent a lot of time trying to get that clip out. I got it out eventually. And I do think that you should just keep on trying until you get it out of there. And try to get a really sharp needle under the c-clip then pry it off.

I finally got the c-clip out,I really want to thank batryn since I think thats how I got it out(not freezing)

How did you?

that part : ;D

If you dented your shields. I dented mine so bad it was stuck and jammed the bearing.