C-Clip Removal Problem

Hey all, just having a bit of a problem removing a c-clip from one of my yo-yos (Duncan Hayabusa). I’ve been able to get the clips out of all of my other yo-yos without much of a problem, and was even able to remove one of the clips on the Hayabusa, but can’t get the other one off.

What’s happening is that when I try to use a small pin to pry the clip out, rather than remaining in place like clips on my other yo-yos, this c-clip is spinning, making it basically impossible to pry out since I can’t get a “grip” on it. I’ve tried both sides of the c-clip without success and have also tried a smaller pin.

Any suggestions on other things I could try to get this last stubborn clip out?

Thanks for the help.

If it’s so bad wear you can’t get it out (I’m assuming your removing the clips in order to clean the bearing) Just clean it with it in as long as you have one out you should be able to clean it just fine.

But if your stubborn like I am when it come’s to C clips you just keep going until you finally get it out no matter how many time’s you stab yourself in the finger.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get it out otherwise just clean it anyways.

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Well, depending on your goals, if you’re just cleaning it and are going to put the shields back in, I always remove just one shield, so you are where you need to be.

On the other hand, if you are not putting them back, just pry the shield out and the clip will come with it.

An alternative is to aim the pin in a radial direction and pry the c-ring that way.

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I worked at it more today and was able to finally get it to pop out. What I ended up doing was taking 2 safety pins at the same time and putting one on each side of the gap in the C-clip and pushing the gap apart. Took a few tries, but the counter pressure of having the 2nd pin holding things in place was finally enough to get it out.

Thanks for the suggestions!

Glad you got it out.