Is anyone else having a hard time taking out c clips on yyf bearings?

I’m trying to clean my grind machine bearing as well as the hubstack bearings. I can’t get it out but on yoyojam bearings it takes 1 minute. Help

I find it varies from bearing to bearing.

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I have trouble with the OD 10 Balls. You get it eventually…

I just press down on the shields hard with the little file on fingernail clippers and they just pop out.

You might want to use a sharper pin or needle. You may also want to try from the other end of the C-clip. Some are really tough to remove, but they will come out.

Look really closely. One end of c clip will look like / and the other will look like /. You want to stick the needle at the top of the /_ one. I have a really hard time with 10 balls. The shields look like _|, so there is nowhere to stick the needle. I normally just replace the c clips with yyf ones because they are easier to take off. And they are the same size (duh).

It varies from bearing to bearing. Usually it takes me a few seconds, sometimes it takes me a minute or so. I have one 10 Ball that I have completely given up on deshielding.