10 Ball C-clips

Any one have any specific tips/needle recommendations for removing the c clips off of OD 10-balls? I tried to take them off yesterday and, well, I smashed the bearing with a hammer…

go at it with a safety pin until you get it… believe me its hard.

One side is usually easier to get than the other. I can get a 10 ball off in 20 seconds with a pin. By one side i mean one side of the C, I’m guessing its because of how they are cut. You want to try and get the point of the pin/needle into the groove and behind the clip. Don’t try to get under the side of it. Should spring right open.

Good luck!

Removing the clips from a 10 ball the first time gave me such a headache. It felt 100x harder than with a standard bearing >:(

He’s right. Under a microscope the adjoining ends would look something like this: //
at the ends. Work the pin on the left hand end at the top.

I borrowed one of my mom’s super thin sewing needles, it works really well. The thinner the needle, the easier it is to remove. Also, I can also attest to one side being easier, so if one side isn’t working, try the other end to see if that will and usually it does.

a good start would be to not use a hammer

Base on many times I’ve been taking the shields off from OD 10 bearings ( 44frosted was asking about OD 10 balls bearing), the C clip of OD bearing doesn’t look like “//” it looks like “||” So it’s extremely hard to take it off (in my opinion). I know that CLYW, YYF, and Terrapin bearings’ C clip looks like “//” Therefore it’s easier to take off than OD bearings.

If yours doesn’t work, you need thinner needle/pin.

Thanks everyone. Are sewing needles thinner than other pins?

I love OD 10 balls, but my oh my, I nearly lost it. Had to find an 8 ball and take the shields off to get my confidence back up.

You can always file/sand it down.