First time with the goop

I bought some silicone at a hardware store. It was flowable and transparent, so I thought it would fit in a yoyo. I love my M1 so much that I decided to put my speedmaker first in line to get some experience with this stuff. And just to post a pic:

Great job!

nice tell us how it -plays later :wink:

Looks good, Good Job! :slight_smile:

Seriously? good job? I really want you guys to be honest. I couldn’t see this before I saw the picture, but I am really frightened that I got a little in the bearing seat. And that silicone I got was stiff. It was like hard butter. I had to rub it in a bit. So I got something in the four holes. But please be honest and find the mistakes, because I have an icky (is that a word?) feeling.

Just let it sit over night then rub off the excess and scrape out the bearing seat it should be fine.

I find the best way to do it is to put even dabs along the inside, and then let it dry a bit, the stuff should flow together and come out even, any extra can be wiped away by using your thumb nail, this will leave a nice ven coat of silicone.

Nice first try siliconing!

My first came out looking like a mini bumpy grand canyon, the River and all!


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I used a small scissor to scrape out anything left in the bearing seat. Althoug I got some scratches in there, it still plays great. There is still a lot of lube in my bearing so it will return if i tug it up very high, but still not more than needed unresponsivenss.