Flowable Silicone

I need help!! I put flowable silicone in my yoyo and it just made it super responsive. I decided to yoyo for about five to ten mintues and still no change. Could someone tell me why please???

Some of the silicone probably got onto the bearing making it responsive.

You could try cleaning it and making the bearing seat is clean but I’m not sure if it’ll get it all completely off.

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I will do this and see what happens…

“I put on silicone and it doesn’t work anymore” isn’t enough detail. Or photographic evidence. :wink:

Most of the things that could have gone wrong stem from user error. In other words the silicone was not carefully or properly applied.

Yeah very true. That stuff can get everywhere when you’re not very experienced in installing it. It requires patience and discovering your own system that works for you.