how to use flowable slilicone and noisy bearing

note these are 2 separate problems they do not deal with the same yoyo!

first off
all right I want to know how to use followable silicone cause I recently got a general yo torrent and I know the responses need to be changed eventually so I figure I need to know this skill. Can someone show me tutorial of some kind or verbal instructions on how to use flow able silicone? I don’t want to attempt this until I have an idea and what to do and if I mess up. The response will eventually be worn out. I know a bunch of you yoyoers do it so I figure you guys have some good advice. Also I don’t want someone to do it for me cause that’s a waste of money on a job I could do myself. Plus I think someone has got to have the same problem as me or similar.

second problem
my YYJ inspire has a really noisy bearing and now will barley spin. I lubed it a little and it still is noisy plus responsive now. Any advice on how to fix this I think the bearing is worn down or close to that when I got the bearing from AJ Kirk.

hope you guys can help I think I really need it now!

Have you looked HERE?

That’s a mighty list, but I’ll comment on the flowable anyhow:

There’s no mystical art to it. Nothing difficult at all. You have a nice cleaned response groove which is a little channel into which your pour a liquid (the liquid is a bit thick, but it’s a liquid nonetheless).

Do it with the yoyo on a level surface. Don’t try to fill the groove too much; it’s OK if the final level is a bit less than flush with the gap wall, but it is not good for unresponsive play to go beyond flush. If you like less response, you’d probably want to go a bit less than flush anyhow, as many people and some manufacturers do.

Lay the liquid down as evenly as you can in one pass, but if it’s a bit thicker in some places than others, don’t panic… the stuff is self-levelling. Just finish applying it and let it level off. I would hesitate to go around and “fill in” spots that didn’t get enough, because you run the risk of letting a thin little bit of silicone from the nozzle get where you don’t want it… but it’s your call and your amount of carefulness that will be a factor.

With flowable, the tutorial with the guitar pick and scraping off the excess isn’t for you. Ideally you will put the right amount into the groove, and it will self-level. Done with a bit of patience, you won’t need to deal with overflow and excess, which are the enemy of fun…

Be patient and let it cure for a good amount of time. Go overboard. If the tube says “15 minutes” don’t believe it for a second… waiting 24 hours is probably overkill but at least you’ll know it’s cured. :wink:

Look in the cleaning bearing thread in the link above to fix the bearing

You need to deshideld (if you haven’t before) the bearing and then clean it in lighter fluid, paint thinner, or acetone, whatever is handy. Leave it in one of those chemicals for about 5 minutes, or until you see it looks clean. Take the bearing out of the fluid, dab it off with a tissue and then put it on the end of a pencil and lightly lube it. Spin it on the tip of the pencil a few times, and then pop it into the yoyo and it should be better!

thanks just one tiny problem I don’t own any of those fluids do you think singer machine oil would be a good replacement? grrr now my torrent is responsive! good thing its unshielded.

There’s not a whole lot of liquids you can use. It has to be acidic to break down debris and old lube. You might have to go to a store. (I buy nail polish remover, but it has to be 100% acetone)

The Singer machine oil might work as a lube but won’t do much as far as cleaning goes. If you’ve got any mineral turpentine lying around that’d also work.


We don’t have any of that the closest we have to any of that is WD40 oil that’s is the extent of it. :frowning: man I need to get mineral sports or something next time this happens!

You would be better off with lighter fluid. Nail polish remover has gunk in it to make it easier on your mother’s hands (regardless of what the label says). Real 100% acetone would be pretty tough on them.

A small can of lighter fluid costs a little over a $2.