Help with silicone

I recently got flowable silicone and used it on my protostar. i did it just like in all the youtube videos, and when it dried it was perfectly flush with the groove. there is no silicone in the bearing, bearing seat, etc. when i started playing with it, it was responsive. I figured, “it just needs to be broken in.” after two days, my protostar is still responsive. Do i need to break it in more?

Try taking out the bearing and see if it spins fine out side the yoyo. If it does then it’s some thing to do with the silicone if it doesn’t it might just be the bearing has some problems…

no, the bearing is fine, and just to be sure, i switched to another size “C” bearing and it was still responsive.

did you take a spoon to the silicone?

responsive how so? like it just comes up with a little 2 or 3" tug, or does it come back when the string is totaly slack like when you pop it up to your shoulder?
Or are you talking about it snagging while doing string tricks?
All three will have differnt things that need fixing.
Tip the last two have to do with string tension and lack of smooth movments the other requires there to be silicone in the bearing seat or bearing it self.
The stuff is clear, it is very hard to see. Good luck.

Thank you everyone, it is now unresponsive. I just needed to break it in more. :slight_smile:

Good to hear. :smiley: