Silicone Help


Hello everyone. I want to try my hand at applying silicone to a yoyo.

I was wondering if there is a type of silicone I can purchase from Lowes (my local hardware store) that will do the job. This will be my first time siliconing a yoyo, so any little tips you have are greatly appreciated. I’ve watched a few tutorials so I’m pretty confident I can pull it off. I can order silicone online if I have to, but I really wanted to take on the project tomorow morning.

Thanks :wink:

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When starting, flowable silicone works the easiest as it is runnier. However, I use all kinds of silicone. If you follow the tutorials you should be fine just remove the bearing and be certain to clean out the bearing seat completely before putting the bearing back in. Oh btw, make sure you let the sili dry completely. So many people rush it their first time.

First time is a bit messy and then you will get better and better at it.

Good luck!


Flowable silicone is easiest to use. My little tip is when you cut the tip off the nozzle to cut it at an angle instead of straight across. It’ll give you a pointier tip to work with which will give you a little more control over where the silicone’s going.

Good luck!



Thanks for the tips guys. Did a little research and found out that all AutoZone’s carry the Permatex Flowable Silicone that YYE sells in their store. I live half a mile from an AutoZone 8). Gonna go grab some when they open.


Here is a pic of my work. I think it turned out pretty dang good for my first time. Gonna let it hang out for 48 hours just to be safe.


Looks spot on!


Nice tidy effort, there dude! Well done!



Looks good, especially for a first timer.

No need to wait 48 hours. 24 is more than sufficient! If you want to be “safe”, 27 hours is fine.


Hehe… I ended up just waiting 24 hours. I couldn’t take the anticipation. lol. The yoyo plays just great now. Keeps up with my expensive throws!