I was yoyoing the other day with my BvM and my silicone blew out on one side. This is my best throw and I already miss it. Does anyone know how to put in new silicone? I am a complete beginner. Thank you.

The Permatex flowable silicone they show on this site is readily available at many hardware stores, some dollar stores and many auto-parts stores. It doesn’t cost that much. If you buy it from YYE, it will end up costing twice as much due to shipping.

How do this? There are videos on the topic. I forget the link, but some guy who was running a YouTube channel that was supposed to be for yoyo maintenance showed this process and it wasn’t very complicated or time consuming. Well, I take that back a bit. You have to wait a full 24 hours for it to cure. But, I think if you saw the videos, you’d be able to do this yourself.

I recommend this video:

This is a very good video to learn siliconing by, there is another one on youtube that is very popular were the guy has red silicone and that is the one that I learned by. The only thing that I do diffrently is I use a oral syringe (for liquid medicine) to apply the silicone. When I was using the tube that came with the silicone I didn’t know that the silicone would harden inside the tube and I thought that it was a huge waste of silicone, so I got a syringe and just put a little glob in the tube, put in the plunger and it worked like a dream. When I clean it I just use hot water and force it through the syringe and it takes out the residue from the leftover silicone (whitch is very very little). It helped me alot and saved me alot of silicone so maby you can pick one up and try it, here is a picture of what it looks like…and I got it at wallmart so it shouldn’t be hard to find.

Interesting idea, and good concept to minimize waste. The syringes are commonly available so if you want to go that route, it’s definitely not hard to get the stuff and they aren’t expensive.

wow, I’ve never thought to use a syringe to save some of the stuff I just end up throwing away. that’ll probably get me another 3 or 4 uses atleast out of the dollar store silicone I get. Thanks :slight_smile:

and here:,22148.0.html

@dynikus…yeah thats the one that I learned from, that one with the red silicone (in that link that you gave). It will give you plenty more than3 or 4 uses out of it. I was just thinking, when I saw how much I was wasting I just couldn’t belive it so I instantly thought of the syringe and it worked wonderfuly.

@studio42…Thanks and you are right, it is very cheap and very good at minimizing waste of our precious silicone. Also I thought that people allready knew about this because when I think that I have thought of something new then someone else has allready posted a whole topic about it, I’m glad that I am ahead of the game for once. hehe

I’m new to the yoyo world, so I learn something most days. Right now, one of my errands is to get flowable silicone. While I’m out, I’m going to get a couple of those syringes as well.

I saw some person’s suggestion to stick a screw in the back end of the nozzle tip for the flowable silicone for extraction after it cures, and I was thinking “wow, that’s just a lot of waste, but it will make cleaning it out much easier”. Now seeing your idea, the screw method seems really wasteful.

I’m sure most of us are assembling a maintenance kit for our yoyos anyways. Stuff like spare bearings, response pads, bearing pullers, and other goodies. Why not add this…

Thank you all, I am very excited to throw my BvM again.

Just a follow-up on this thread nearing necro…

I found these syringes doing an online search and it came up with Walgreens. It is an oral syringe. At $2.49, they come with a cleaning brush. Squeeze the flowable into the syringe and be patient and go slow.

The auto parts store are hiding the Permatex flowable silicone, but I managed to get a tube. Tomorrow I’ll go pick up a syringe. I gotta be out and run some other errands anyways, it’s just one more trivial thing to add to the list.

Now all I have to do is wait for response systems to wear out!

you can also buy Flow Groove from OneDrop and that should fit all the large bearing CLYW’s. That should work right guys?

Not sure, but CLYW has “snow tires”, which are their replaceable response pads.

The argument here is "why buy when you can do it yourself. The advantage of buy, if an option, is if you have them in-hand, your replacement is as fast as it takes you to swap them out. Flowable may cost you up front more than maybe 2-3 response sets/pairs, but should let you do quite a few yoyos, but at at a cost of waiting 24 hours for it to cure properly. Solution? Get more yoyos! Problem solved!