whats a good mod for the yomega dash or maverick?

tired of havin it stock

What I did with my dash is I broke in the bearing, put a thin string on it (Alchemy), and replaced the blue rubber response with O-rings. It is pretty unresponsive, not completely though. I got the O-rings at Home Depot, I got a pack that had lots of sizes so I don’t know where to find the exact size. Also the O-rings barely stick out of the groove.

not much other than putting flowable silicone in and cleaning the bearing.

What does it not do that you think it should, and would be fixed with some type of random mod?
Maybe it just needs tuning.

I love it when you come to play JHB. ;D

Clean the bearing and show it some love. The more you love it, the faster you will get it to that sweet spot. I play mine w/ a clean/dry bearing, the rest is stock, and mine is unresponsive. If you love your yoyo, it will love you back ;D

You could try shims. Just make sure they fit.

I cleaned the bearing and thin lubed it. It played really well and unresponsive. Also you can flowable silicone it. I’m sure it will be beast like that. :wink:

I played mine Dry Bearing, With 1 YYJ O-ring on one side, and One Stock response on the other, it Plays IMO better than my Protostar ;D

I bet it doesn’t. Then your ProtoStar must be bad.

I just don’t like the Protostar, It’s not my style

lubing it probably would be good

That’s what I said.

Re: siliconing the recess.

Doesn’t the bearing seat rest on top of or float on a recessed area of the stock rubber response system? How do you do the silicone mod without the bearing seat extending into the gap?

Or, if you are using flowable silicone, it’s even easier to put the spacer in first, then put the silicone in the recess. Quicker, and less mess to deal with.

I put silicone (not flowable) in mine with the spacers in and it worked fine. Just wait for it to dry and you can easily clean off the extra with a exacto knife and your finger nail.

I’ve seen people use the edge of an old cd that they cut to be a lot smaller

he is right, i put flowable silicone in mine and it didnt make a difference, the bearing sits on a spacer and the spacer is directly on the silicone its just like having the original rubber response in it

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