Dash Mod

After hearing arguments about whether or not it could be done I decided to see how difficult it would be to mod a dash with Silcone.
I used an old basketball card to act as a kind of shim, and put it just under the spacer to try and compensate for the hold provided by the rubber pad. Then I put in some silicone, let it set. Now I can’t wait to see if it all worked out tonight.

Edit. Extra idea. By using a my pocket knife I can take the spacer out the same as before. All I had to do was take said knife apply a tiny amout of pressure to the space to make it turn about 45 degrees. Then I found that the spacer poped right out. I thought this was pretty cool since it looks like most mods to the dash make it so the parts don’t come out.


Very cool!!! I’m in the middle of trading mine but I do plan on getting another. I might have to try this. I always played mine stock w/ a clean/dry bearing.

What i did ws took the spacer, bearing, and axle out. then I just mashed a bunch of sili into where the spacer sits. Then I just placed the spacer on top then smoothened it out… done! no vibe!

mashed sounds a little…violent…

why do people make a big deal about siliconing yomegas?

A lot of folkes think it’s realy hard, and that it takes to much silicone, but after trying it myself I found that it really isn’t that hard. I can even take the spacer out with messing up the mod.
Plus the card shims made the gap bigger I love it.

A siliconed and cleaned bearing Dash makes a great pocket yo-yo, since you don’t need to worry about dinging it due to the price. What I did to make the perfect silicone job was to go to the local hardware store and buy some modding supplies. I bought a screw that was the same size as the axle, a matching nut and spacer, and two spacers with the inner diameter slightly larger than the bearing seat. By assembling in the following order (yo-yo, large spacer, large spacer, small spacer, nut, screw) you can clamp the yo-yo spacer down so it dosnt move when silicone is applied. This made a ultra clean silicone job, and made the yo-yo one of my favorite beaters.

Dang, ya got a pic of it?

My maverick has the rubber response worn down so much i could probably just leave the rubber and put the silicone in. But it still bind well for some reason.

Unfortunetly not right now. For the life of me I can’t find the screw etc that I used. When I do I will post a pic or two.