yomega maverick

i have a question, is it possible to make a yomega maverick unresponsive? ???

Sure - clean the bearing.

I tried that already!

Did you remove the shields and dry it good? Did you lube it? Maybe too much lube?

well, heres the thing. its an unresponsive yoyo and i was just wondering if its possible to make it unresponsive.

i think thats what you meant.

The maverick is not inherently more responsive than most other current yoyos. The bearing condition is what primarily determines if the yoyo is responsive or not. So properly cleaning the bearing will go a long way towards your goal,

just clean the bearing, add a drop of thin lube and youre good to go. The Maverick is a little more responsive than most modern throws thanks to its gap and grippy response system. It wont be dead unresponsive after cleaning the bearing, but it will be unresponsive enough for you to perform most modern tricks. Eventually, you will be able to wear in the response enough to make it dead unresponsive, but that will take quite a while

Clean the bearing, no lube.
The grippyness of the response system doesn’t really matter unless it keeps touching the string.
Btw, do you have the new Maverick (with C bearing) or the old one?

change response to flowable or rtv helps also

take on of the rubber rings out and play it out, see how it feels.

thring will most likely get caught on spacer, tried it out before

Its got a smaller bearing in it. I have not lubed mine since i got it which was like 5 years ago and it still plays responsive. Weird???

silicone and clean the bearing :slight_smile:

New Silicone will make it more responsive. He said he already cleaned the bearing.

in my case i put some rtv in and cleaned the bearing with goof off and after a good 2 hr of play and it was dead unresponsive you can send the maverick to me and I will make it unresponsive for you for 8 dollars

I meant it will be more responsive because pads have to break in. So changing the pads (Unless they are messed up, sticking out ect) is useless.

http://http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0qivH6D4OTY I hope this helps

take out the metal spacers and put silicone under there and then scrape away the excess, like everyone else was saying. clean the bearing, lube it and play it until it gets unresponsive. if you screw it up i think yomega sells extra bearings.

There are no spacers in metal yoyos. And why would you put silicone under them? They would not fit on and mess up. (If it did have spacers)