Maverick Owners

I know a lot of you are thinking, “wtf n00bz0r no one plays with a Maverick, they play so bad, the bearings are nonstandard and the response is weird… ect. ect. ect.” So, a lot of you complain that even with the thicker shims (or spacers or w/e) installed the Maverick is still too responsive, making tricks like plastic whip impossible. Well, you might say, hey, what if I clean the bearing? Cleaning the bearing may help but not too much. I suggest putting on some really skinny string, I hate Alchemy String. however I have the greater half of a 100 bundle still in my possession. so I put on on and holy canoley this thing plays with the rest well. I can hit neigh every trick I know in 1A with the Maverick. I wouldn’t say it is my favorite throw, but like I said, pop an Alchemy or an Angel Hair on it and it plays considerably more unresponsive, I dare say it is even completely unresponsive now.

I don’t know if there are any of you out there that still play a Maverick or even retain one, but if you do give it a shot, let me know how it worked for you. :smiley:

EDIT: Also, while I am thinking about it. Have any of you sili’d a Maverick and if so how did you do it, just filled the response groove and recessed it? How did it work out?

I don’t think its crappy at all. It was Yomega attempt at making a good throw. I think they succeeded. I put 2 rubber YYJ rings in there, and it is unresponsive. I am trading mine for a modded renegade sadly. Mine had a cool rim satin on it too. It is a good yoyo.

I sili’d my Dash…didn’t work to well. The groove for the response is too large and I couldn’t keep the air bubbles out and it caused it to vibe BAD! I love my Dash stock, once the response is nice and broken in it plays almost unresponsive.

I have a Maverick, and it is too responsive.
I am looking for a way to make it less responsive.
If anything worked for you, say what worked; and I will try it for mine.

If you didn’t see my post, you can replace the blue shuttles, with YYJ rubber orings, and clean the bearing.

I got my Maverick completely unresponsive with Yoyojam thin lube. And it’s pretty good I got to tell you.

I told you in the original post what to try, put an Alchemy or Angel Hair String on it. The thinner string works well in the smallish gap.

I know this is a double post but…

Will <— That work instead of the O-Rings as a replacement response system, anyone know? The description says it will fit any YYJ O-Ring response, so it should be the same diameter and thickness, right?

The Silicone is thinner than the Yo-Ring, but it should fit. Nice Find. ;D

Might order those next time I order something, right now the broken in soft rubber response system is treating me pretty well in conjunction with the cleaned and deshielded stock bearing, and the Alchemy string.

I cant get the blue pads or the spacers out.
How do you get them out?

One side O-Ring and one side Rubber Shuttle is the best.

Hey guys,

I have a maverick and don’t know what to do with it. I’ve moved on to other yo-yos and its basically just sitting there… I have flowable silicone but am afraid that air bubbles will get in and make it vibey like someone said. Also I dont have angel hair so :-… Any ideas?

Sell it to me ;D

Just kidding.

Don’t be overly concerned about air bubbles. I’m a noob at silicone response, and I’ve never gotten that problem.

U had me excited with the sell me thing. Then i read the next sentence… :’(

If you want to sell it Ill buy it.

I might’ve offered, but I’m sorta broke after buying a DM, Angel hair, and a KK bearing.

i don’t know if this matters, but mine played dead unresponsive until i actually put the alchemy string in it. its still completely stock.

Wow, I am sorry then, if it is responsive and you want it unresponsive just play it the way you had it.

I guess ymmv on my OP.

I play a maverick currently. I put the wide spacers in and have had no problems with tricks like plastic whip. Suicides are a bit iffy but doable. It grinds well and I don’t have to use thin string. I use 8-ply poly. It’s even fairly banged up as I used it to learn 5a (plays great by the way). still grinds smoothly. I like it alright.