yoyojam dark magic 2 help

hi i just got my dark magic 2 and was playing unresponsive and it suddently went responsive. im not sure what to do and i dont want to break the yoyo in the process. could somebody please help out if they know how to fix this or experinced this and fixed it. thank you for helping :slight_smile:

How long have you had it?

for about an hour maybe 2 ???

Just keep playing with it to break it in. There’s nothing wrong with a little responsiveness.

Yeah, it’s breaking in. Normal stuff, no big deal. :wink:

my DM did the same thing RIGHT after i got it. but once the bearing broke in it was great. keep playing with it the Dark Magic is sweet.

maybe some lube got on the bearing seat just take out the bearing get a Q tip and just wipe the lube off

You haven’t modded it in any way have you?