A beginner yo yo

Hi I am an intermidiate at yoyoing, and just got a dark magic. I have had alot of people tell me that the dark magic is not recommended for the intermediate though. If you reccomend anything different please tell me.

A Dark Magic is a good yo-yo for all skill levels because it gives you everything you might need in a yo-yo. It has great spin times, smooth play, and a relatively wide gap. I still have my Dark Magic as my main yo-yo even from the very start(over 1.5 years ago) and it still plays amazingly.

It’s a great yoyo for beggeners, (better than the atmosphere for sure) and it should be able to play responsive. If you already have the dm just keep it.

I personally don’t own a dark magic but I think it is fine just learn binding.

But if you don’t like it than get a protostar

Dark Magic if fine, unless you want something different. Then I would suggest a Protostar or PGM.
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I learned most of the beginner stuff on a fast 201 but ever since I got my dark magic Ive been very happy with it… other than when the bearing froze up after 3 weeks of play with it lubed. Wasn’t happy about that. After throwing a new bearing in it though it played perfectly again and after 8 months its still my main throw over an x-convict and a Lunatic

dont lesson to them just buy thick lube or thin if u buy thin it ll still be resposive trust me i hav it