44Tutorials Thread - Tutorials for Beginner/Intermediate Players

Hey everyone. This is the thread dedicated to my tutorial series called 44Tutorials, where I teach a large variety of elements, usually aimed to beginner and intermediate players with elements and tricks that are not so extremely difficult to learn.

Feel free to check them and see if any trick is of your interest. Currently there’s over 30 tutorials available.

Thanks for watching!


Today on 44Tutorials! A slick repeater that feels as good as it looks.


Man those look fun!!! I’ve really been digging gt elements lately, and can’t wait to learn the thumb release!

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Today on 44tutorials! An easy way to get into a double green triangle. This is Wrist Double Green Triangle!


So, what you refer to as the “Z-Flip” mount, yoytricks (Adam) calls the “Sub” mount. Are these names regional or something? What does most of the community call this mount?

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There isn’t a name for it. Pretty sure sub mount was a name yotricks made up for that tutorial.

It’s just a well known mount for sidestyle speed combos but nobody officially gave it a name

So smooth. I love that you explain the elements, AND how you are altering them to smooth things out and mask transitions. There are a lot of tutorials out there that tell you what to do but not why, and personally it really helps. Keep up the good work, sir.

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@zslane @andy569 the names are not arbitrary.

Z-Flip mount is the name Jacob McCann gave to said mount when he did his tutorial for it. Adam, inspired by the usefulness of this mount and it’s concept, made a tutorial for it on yotricks and named it Sub-Mount, in honor of Jacob’s reddit username “suburiboy”.

Read the original post by Adam, is quite interesting.


Thank you <3

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Okay, so Jacob isn’t credited with inventing the mount, merely being the first to give it a name (in a tutorial)?

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It is more like Jacob is credited because he explains how this mount can be used for beginners to understand how combo construction works.

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Jacob might not have even been born yet when the mount was created

The tutorial he made was fairly recent but the mounts been used for over 2 decades

A name was just never given for it


I remember this from watching the video, I guess I forgot :joy:

It is kind of a fitting name though because I’ve always kind of considered it a “sub mount” of the 1.5 or DON

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Slack to GT tutorial is up!


I need to look back, but isn’t the mount in question already named the “white Buddha mount” way back in Sector Y days?

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I have no memory of such mont. If you could provide some video source that would be awesome. I would love to know the origins of this element.


Is where you see it, and I have read tricks throughout the years that referred to the “White Buddha Mount” to get you into the mount.

I think Paul Escolar deserves the credit, for this and a lot of other tricks/mounts.

We are talking about the same mount right?

I think it is not the same mount from what i can see.


What’s of greater importance is exposing newer members to the sector-y days, and its major contributors. Those players were at the forefront of what is considered “modern” yo-yo style. Part of the “history” of the activity.

A lot of what seems new has been around for quite some time. The players in the 90’s were very creative, and the tricks hold to this day as standards.

Your tricks are very useful for other combos as well. They look great.

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