Need something simple out of a KK Mount


I’m working on a weird little combo, and I need something simple and interesting out of a Kamikaze mount. (It’s at the end of a the combo so it can’t be too long.) (Also, I’m not that good, sooo…)

Any Suggestions?


Part of Gentry stein’s speed combo that mr Matio has on YouTube (I can’t remember if I’m thinking of the correct mount right now)


You are thinking of the right mount. I’m not looking for speed though.
Something slower and interesting :smiley:


I have a combo that you may like but I won’t have time to record it for a while :frowning:


I have a trick for the kk mount. Can you do branding? If so its pretty easy. From the kk hop over your throw hand (makes 1.5 mount) hook your index finger (drops string for branding). Hop over the back string. Swing around/infront of throw hand and land on the string you hopped. Then proceed with branding. I’ll try and get a vid for you later.


But I’m getting into KK from branding already :stuck_out_tongue:


Then it might be cool to get back out that way?


Maybe pop out the back of the kk mount, bring the yoyo and the string it sits on around and mount on top to create a modified kk. Then, pass over th pointer to reveal a triangle (not a great triangle, but it is there.) Bounce out the back and kk whip into a keychain and bind from there.


I guess it could be a repeater then, I would just have to get better at branding :slight_smile:

Double yo 7 - I’m gonna try that if I can figure it out.


Morgoroth, my apologies, it looks like my popping out the back doesn’t work. I had done the trick to that point, and popped out the other way into a knot, which I assumed would be fixed by that. It didn’t. I am having to reveal a cross triangle to get it to work in there. The fake kk mount pass over to triangle is solid, but maybe just hop out and bind. Not as cool, but best I have come up with tonight…stil working on making it better for your trick though. Sorry I was mistaken on the moves. Will write soon.



It’s cool man, no worries :smiley:


Ok bud, finished it. Phew! I altered the last trick to be more smooth and added some Doc Pop inspired retro dance flair.

From KK mount:
Pop the yoyo/string up and out the back (it will be sitting on a string still), roll under the hanging string and mount that formation on top to give a kk mount look. Roll yoyo over nth pointer, this reveals a triangle (sort of)…
Here the finish varies:

  1. Roll onto string furthest from you to reveal a triangle, roll onto the farthest string of the new triangle, repeat last step as wanted (it reminds me of the Running Man dance…triangle stays in place but looks like it is being repeated), from here, dismount (at this second I am remembering it to be out the back, but I could be wrong…did it all late last night…lol), from here, do a dave bind (bring throwhand with string into gap, under and back around). For the Dave Bind, point your arms like you are doing the “saturday night fever” Travolta pose, and after the catch, stick out the pointer to give that 70s flair.

  2. Roll onto string farthest from you to reveal a triangle, roll back into the original semi triangle, roll onto string farthest from you on th side to reveal a triangle, either dismount here and bind, or roll back and repeat the whole sequence, or variation of, again. (It all looks like a rolling triangle ala the old caveman stone wheels, as it is so jagged looking, but fit with the branding style)

  3. Now there is a caveat to all of this, sometimes you will slip off all of the strings, be it on the pop to going under, or the toss over the nth to reveal triangle. If that happens at any point, it will look like the basic green triangle setup, so just hop on the string you prefer and the trick can be modified from within there. I do not believe all the steps will work there, but the running man should, and a whole new slew of possible dismounts to whips becomes available.

Hope you like this one. I enjoyed trying to create something with parameters. Have fun.



Thanks man!
I’m gonna see if I can figure that out this afternoon :slight_smile:


I hope you like it. Let me know how it turns out. If you are having any issues, I can walk you through it.



It sounds good, but I’m having trouble following the words.
A video would probably be easier.

When you pop the first part up and out the back, how does it still land on a string? Which one does it land on?


I am at work right now, so I don’t have my yo to test, but if memory serves, when you do a pop in the kk mount, (on the throwhand) the yoyo looks like it has 1 string above and 2 below; the yoyo stays in the loop from th pointer (the other pointer loop stays the whole time. The 2nd string from top (yo usually sits on it first), the one you would pluck to make a houdini mount, is the one I am talking about. I did forget in the original post that it is actually mounted (loop on th pointer), instead of just sitting on the string. Basically, you pop that top formation loop (keep it intact) off the bottom string and bring it under the single string left there and mount on top. Kind of like a kk mount with a twist in the strings. For this part, it helps just to focus on the throwhand strings. Maybe just think of it as pop up and pull the formation backwards (the whole motion with the swoop is a circle) so it does not land on the very bottom string, but it is still mounted on your th pointer. Before the swoop, the formation is a z-flip with a counter clock twist. Read the edit below for full exolanation…
Note: I belive a string may always stay on top of your nth pointer, like kk, but not always looped, as the bottom string on nth is the one you mount on. Hope that helps.

I am sorry I don’t have a video for you to see it. I do not post to youtube or anywhere to be able to make one. Maybe I can find something that looks like the move somewhere for you.

Have a good one.


Edit: just came up with an easy explanation… After the pop out to the back of the kk, before swinging under the lone string, you are physically looking at a trapeze mount, but the loop is twisted counter clockwise, and the throwhand pointer is inside the right most string (if looking at a regular trapeze, untwisted, this is originally the left string…if right handed). Also note, the th middle finger segment(the one connected to the knot on your finger ) needs to be physically infront of the z-flip mount to make the kink to triangle. Just make sure it can be seen through the z mount, and not just behind/below it like in a normal z. This is all only a z-flip mount, but counter clock twisted instead of just putting your fingers into the trapeze loop. Hope this helps. Let me know if any other problems exist. You can actually practice this section of your trick from here, without doing a kk. I also forgot to add the boing possibilty into the turn to reveal the big triangle, in the first variation I listed, if you wanted to. And it turns out that you dismount away from you (out the front I think it is called) from the big triangle. Good luck!


Sorry man, I just can’t figure it out with words, your idea sounds really cool though.

Here’s what I ended up doing.  I thought I’d stick to things I think I made up. :smiley:


^It’s set to “private”.


Yeah, turns out I’m a moron.