44Tutorials Thread - Tutorials for Beginner/Intermediate Players

Thanks man! That’s exactly what my intention is when making these.

Man these are exactly the type of tutorials I look for, def saving this one to my playlist, much appreciated. :smiley::call_me_hand:t3:

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I agree. Have any tutorials planned for better tension control?

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Not currently! Personally I think tension control is something you naturally learn after tons of hours of practice. Nothing particular to teach about it in my opinion, apart from the standard methods of releasing tension.

I love tutorials like the Quick Wash Repeater because it gives me simple, but fundamental elements to work on. Chad’s Flow Repeater was also super helpful to me.

So for the Quick Wash Repeater, do you have any tips on how to unhook the non-TH finger as the yoyo flies over the hands towards the 1.5 mount? I can’t seem to get enough separation to smoothly disengage that index finger.