Frontstyle Tech Elements


From messing around with random tricks, I’ve made a few technical frontstyle combos. I really like to mess with odd tech elements, so I was wondering if anyone else has come up with any fun ones or knows of any.

Here’s what I’ve come up with. There’s three main tricks/combos threaded together in here. Different angles too. Some plane breaking, slack and whip stuff, and some other odd elements.


Some nice stuff there man! I’ve always tried to make technical frontstyle tricks, I can just never get anything nearly as well as sidestyle. I always resort to the same move when trying to come up with something. Sadly, that move has had no results, and sure seems like it has any decent ones in it anyway. :-\

(Owen) #3

Very unique elements in there! I really liked that :smiley:


Could you possibly make a tutorial for some of those?


Sure. Let me know which tricks you want to see broken down (or give me time stamps so I know which parts)


Awesome stuff bro. I’d love to learn more front style.