Why are yoyoers usually male?

Why are you asking this question?

I don’t really know the answer.

Maybe men like to use their time more for fun, but girls like other stuff?

I don’t know?

Ask a girl. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ann Connoly?


I don’t know, but my wife picked up one of my yoyos last week and is having a great time with it!

She can already do grinds, binds and a lot of intermediate tricks.

Probably the same reason most baseball players, bmx riders, and underwater pogo stickers are male.

Reasons, reasons, and more reasons!

Maybe a lot of them think it’s a waste of time. :’(

I’ve seen a few female underwater pogo stickers in my time… :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, there’s no real explanation. I guess it’s just something that peaks more guys interest? like star wars or speed cubing or paintball.

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Why not?



Males are more hobby oriented than women.

I say it’s simply intelligence ;D . Which of course my wife is watching me type this and agrees that it’s intelligence. Of course her perspective is a bit different than mine :wink: .

Sounds like a girl asking, “Why don’t you boys like barbies?”

Probably something like this;

Bad bind “Ow! My hair!”

Why are most yo-yoers male? Please, don’t remind us #foreveralone

Same reason why most hobbyists or otherwise activity enthusiasts are male: we’re attracted to novelty.

why don’t you try and teach more females ?


Am I not supposed to like Barbies??

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My mom had a theory that boys like skill-based hobbies but girls prefer to do something that ends with a physical, finished product (knitting, writing, etc). Not sure if there’s truth behind that.

Personally I think it might be kind of a vicious circle; hard to break into an almost exclusively male community, so girls kind of get driven away. As evidence I submit the comments on any video of Ann Connolly.

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Simple. Parents are much more likely to hand a yoyo to a son than they are to a daughter. There’s no right or wrong implied there, we just have very well-defined ideas about gender. It’s the same answer to the question, “why do only little girls wear dresses?”. There’s no reason a boy can’t wear a dress, except that his parents are just not likely to put him in one because he is a boy.

As we grow older the issue is complicated to the point of near-impossibility. Once a girl is “conditioned” to accept the common feminine role, we can no longer base her choice not to yoyo on being a female. It’s too late to base it wholly on biology.

It won’t be a problem, I mean barbie lovers are mostly girls, and yoyo players are mostly guys. “Why does gamers are mostly males?” is a similar question…

It was a joke.

I don’t like Barbies. :stuck_out_tongue: