Yoyoing is ...

In my whole year of yoyoing I’ve always been confused about what yoyoing is. Is it a sport, a hobbie, a art. What is it?

It’s an art. Contests have placed arbitrary rules on certain actions to sport-ify it for that venue, but the act of yoyoing itself, to me, is an act of self expression. What you do with it tells everyone else what appeals to you, and shows us you personal strengths and weaknesses. My yoyoing can’t be “better” than yours, only different.


What he said.

Yoyoing is what you want it to be. That’s what makes it so diverse, beautiful and fun.

This is sooooooo perfectly true! :smiley:

An art for many, but a hobby for most.

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Spirit and flow


Your confusion may end now.

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It can be a hobby, sport, art, or all three. It just depends on the person.

For me, it’s all three. At home I have a very fast, aggressive style because I blow off steam by yoyoing. In competitions I usually see friends and have a great time, so my style is more relaxed. IT expresses the way I feel, so in that respect, it’s an art. I do it for fun… so it’s a hobby. And it’s a sport too. People argue sometimes, but it really is a sport of its own.

Sport for the competition aspect

Art for the amount of beauty created from the yoyoers who anodize, paint, powder coat, etc.

Hobby because it is a past time that many share amond fellow people

It’s a spinning object that is attached to a string.
Sometimes, not even that.

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Yoyoing is a Sport, a hobby, a skill, and an art. People tend to argue that it’s not a sport, but I believe it’s a sport. If Golf and fishing are sports, yoyoing might as well be :P.

This comes up quite a lot, and it’s something I get ask a lot.

My answer is simply that it’s a skill… nothing more, nothing less.

It’s something that time and energy have been dedicated to learning. It’s something that is learned by those who enjoy doing it. Sometimes those people choose to ‘compete’ against each other to see who has gotten the best at it based on a set of criteria that they made up.

It is not something that requires any particular physical attributes other than hand/eye coordination, so I don’t consider it a sport. It’s not something that by itself is artful, though there are those who use it as a tool to create art. I wouldn’t call it a hobby simply because the connotation implies that it’s just something that casually happens when you have free time… it’s something that requires quite a lot of effort to learn properly.

So it’s a skill… what you choose to do with that skill is up to you.


i think of it as a hobby. it is something fun we enjoy to do.

In the wise words of Josh Yee… :smiley:

All of the above yo.