Remember, it's simply a toy.

Paul Kerbel never seems to stop smiling during his freestyles, I think it makes them more enjoyable to watch because you can see he’s having such a great time. :smiley:

I don’t agree with this thread. Yoyo is LIFE.

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coming from a guy who doesnt Yoyo

Wait, wha?

Totally agree though.


But its also cake to me

oooof. miamibuddha might come and hurt you for that.

mmmm… Cake although sadly it’s a lie

Good post right here.

No. Get that paper kid.


No, it’s about making money.

“I don’t have the cake, but I’m pretty good with paperwork, taking potshots at the top 'till I make it work” - E-Dubble

Toy? I’m not spending hours of my days simply throwing around a toy, am I?

life flashes before my eyes

I noticed that on Ann Connolly performances too. :wink:

It’s all about those yoyo royalties.

She never stops smiling. Like ever haha

Simply a toy? SIMPLY A TOY!? …and I suppose your mother is simply a Mom?

I think calling it a SIMPLE toy isn’t quite accurate, it’s really quite a complicated toy, ball bearings, response pads, different materials, different shapes all having significant effects of how it plays and performs.

While you could comfortably say it’s “simply a toy” it’s not a “simple toy” :wink:

Oh a whole I do agree though, we do need to remember to have fun and not take it too seriously, but to be fair, that should be said of all things in life.

You don’t say…

Yes, I’ve noticed that too… And some round object zipping across the screen every now and then.

“Life is a game, Yoyoing is Serious”- Eric Køløski

But it’s all good,…

we out here,…

we chillin’

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