So what's the point?

How so we all keep throwing even when most of us would never get noticed. For all of us that are alone in this hobby . Why would we ever think that this is worth it? Sure it’s fun but we won’t ever be anything. If your like me you struggle to find joy in yoyoing because we are always trying to get noticed and do this for real. For me it’s just hard to be a part of any community. Where I’m following all the right people but never actually being involved with other throwers. We can dream all we want but someday, a day like today, we find it was all for nothing.


Yoyoing shouldn’t be about getting sponsored/noticed imo. If that’s important to you though, then just make an instagram or something and post stuff often.

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I love to cook, it’s a big hobby of mine.
But I don’t do it for the reasons of becoming a master chef, or even working at a random restaurant, I don’t want to work in the food industry period. I do it because it brings me joy.
Same for throwing, it brings me joy, I spend hundreds of dollars on it and don’t ever expect to make a dollar in return. If nothing else it is a huge distraction from the stresses of everyday life.


Sounds like a frustrated rant, which I can understand, but I guess we’re on a different page when it comes to the reason we throw. It’s purely a release for me, just a hobby that I enjoy being involved with. I understand that and have no problem with it.

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Everything in life must be done for glory doesn’t it ? I can never just enjoy it. I must be doing it for a living. You don’t go through life trying new things just to find a new way to be appreciated?

I throw because I like playing with toys. Is that not right?


If you feel that strongly about it maybe you need a different pastime. I yoyo for my own enjoyment. Don’t need others to witness it. I live in an area where I believe there are currently a couple of clubs meeting around town. The state contest and a major regional contest are held here, so there is a lot of activity but I don’t feel a burning need to be part of it all. Sometimes I take part, sometimes I don’t.

Maybe not. Maybe one day it won’t be enough

Sometimes you have to move on. I don’t see it happening any time soon, though.

What’s your problem? A lot of people have hobbies. My dad likes cars, is he a Nascar driver? My sister likes gymnastics, is she an Olympian? If it brings you joy, that should be reason enough.

I guess I’ve never been that driven. I just bungle through life.

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Why do I throw cause it’s fun as hell and I love the challenge of learning new tricks if you are throwing to get noticed then you are throwing for the wrong reasons

I throw because it gives me value. But I don’t have all the value.

I was like this for a while. So I asked myself why I play yoyo, and I lied to myself that I want to be sponsored and be a great offstring player. Not long ago after completely losing at a contest I wasn’t even bummed out only because i had tons of fun even though my yoyo broke at the contest. I’ve decided that you don’t need to be the best or even be recognized for your talents or hobbies. It’s supposed to be fun even if your alone and don’t attend yoyo clubs and contest.

I started throwing for more or less the same reason as you, I wanted to get really good and get sponsored/noticed. But as I started to learn more and more about the history, community, and pure awesomeness that yo-yoing has, how it can turn complete strangers into immediate good friends, I began seeing throwing as not a way to get popular or to be famous, but as a fun hobby that I can enjoy with some of my other yo-yoing friends. When I started out I was determined to learn just so I could post my tricks on social media (ig, facebook, etc.). But now, if i were to post yo-yo vids on my instagram, It would only be because I want share these cool tricks with my friends. I don’t really care about the attention that yo-yoing can bring me anymore, I just care about getting the next trick down and working on my new combo. I don’t agree with your viewpoint on this topic but I do understand where you’re coming from. If I spend all day playing video-games, then before I go to sleep I’ll think “There’s no point in me wasting 5 hours of my life trying to beat a game that will get me nowhere in life. I’ll never be a pro gamer so what’s the point?” But the point is is that it’s fun, it’s a hobby. That’s the point of pretty much every hobby: to have fun in your free-time.

Gt here are many different reasons why people do the things they do. Many people here are going to tell you that you should be yoyoing for fun, or at least, that’s why they do it. However, it sounds like you have a different motive. If you are doing this to get noticed, you’re going to have to work REALLY hard at it and not get frustrated so easily. I’ve never seen a video you’ve done. Heck, I don’t even see an Instagram or YouTube account in your signature so people can follow you and see what you can do…

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Have you competed in any contests?

I personally yoyo as a past time and way of life. It’s something in did as a child and I picked it back up as an adult. Like a lot of otheres here, it’s a form of expression, release. I yoyo as I walk my dog, on my cigarette break at work and always get a fees throws in before I hop in bed. I’ve got a yoyo in my pocket right now, and one in the glove compartment of my car in case I leave the house unequipped. I’ve got a collection, like a painter has a set of brushes. I couldn’t imagine asking more of my yoyos than the simple joy they bring me on a daily basis.

I don’t imagine that even the pros are making a ton of money doing it (save those running online stores/manufacturers). I hope you find what you are looking for, if not in yoyoing than in some other aspect of life.

Amen to that sir :slight_smile:

Skiing is my life passion, as far as activity goes. I lived in southwest AZ for eight years. Not much snow down there so every Friday night 7-12 hours on the road to go skiing. Finally I just moved to Colorado. Just saying, if you don’t have the means, determination, or the opportunity to make something happen, you practice, plan for the future, put it on hold, or just move on. Life offers many opportunities and sometimes being super focused on one, causes us not to give others the consideration that is warranted. Sometimes the feelings you are conveying, are simply indicators that change is knocking. Open the door and see what’s there. :wink:

Just saying, it’s your move, it’s your choice, it’s your decision. Trust yourself, something good may just be around the corner.


ah glove compartment excellent idea!

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