What's the Point

I yoyo and enjoy it but I see people younger than me yoyoing and blowing me out of the water. You tube videous of people yoyoing for less time than me but older and still blowing me out of the water. I will never be better than them. What is the point of even trying?

It’s all what you make it. Just enjoy it for what it is. I’ve been yoyoing for longer than most of you have been alive and I’m still a hack, but I have fun… :wink:

at some point you will be just as good, just wait and be patient with your learning

there comes a point when you are not bad but your not ready for competition and when you get there you have to look at videos and slow them down, learn new tricks over and over again and never stop. never stop. i want to go to a competition but im not good enough but im going to eventually. im never going to stop, so you shouldent either even if you dont want to go to a competition. just get better and blow everybody else out of the water

Yoyoing is how I meditate. How I express myself, put a smile on someone’s face and how I relax.

It doesn’t matter.

its fun

There will always be a younger, better player. It’s life…the older you get you realize how young you aren’t. I’ve asked myself the same “whats the point” question, but basically, it’s fun, and I enjoy it. I don’t need another reason.

I’m starting this stuff out “later in life”, and while I’m amazed at what the “younger kids” can do, it’s not my objective to compete with them, or compete in general. I’m doing this for me so none of that bothers me.

For me, it’s relaxing. It’s also helping me manage my stress, although it involves some stress, but not the bad kind. The stress that goes with the frustration of learning a new trick, which is OK. It’s helping me with depression issues as I’m getting a sense of accomplishment as I “conquer” new tricks, even though they are simple. Doing concerts as a live sound production company, the stress is high, the reward is high, but then the post show crash sucks. With the yoyo, I don’t need a crew of 4+ to help me go “have some fun doing what I enjoy doing”.

My objectives are to improve and have fun every step of the way. So what’s the point? Yoyo, be happy. Those videos serve as a minor form of inspiration and incentive. If I get that good, then fantastic. If not,then hey, that’s cool too. What’s important is that I’m having fun. At least that’s the poiint for me. If I’m not enjoying it, then why bother? I am enjoying it, so that’s my whole point right there.

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You could spend all of your time trying to be as good or better at yoyoing than everyone else, or you could just yoyo to have fun. I personally would prefer the latter. It’s whatever you choose. For me there’s no trying to compete with everyone else, but just to enjoy myself.

That’s how I feel also. I always feel better after a few minutes of throwing. And I get better without realizing it.

did we quit when the germans bombed pearl harbor…!

If you’re yoyoing for glory rather than enjoyment, you seriously need to reconsider why you’re involved in this hobby.

Heck NO. We persevered and triumphed over all, fighting for truth, justice and the american way…

Nazis bombed Pearl Harbour? Think again.
I yo for fun and to annoy my friends!

It was a joke there buddy…

I missed the punchline lol, after seeing popdada’s age I now get it! Jumping to an immediate conclusion I thought some one didn’t know their history. My bad.
point is… there is no other point to yoing for me other than self satisfaction.

thats all you need :slight_smile:

Yoyo is not a race right, so take your time, and enjoy it for what it is. And that is different things to all of us, but i think the one thing we can all agree on, we want to have fun throwing, that’s why we do it.
Being competitively minded is not necessarily a bad thing, but you need to be careful to measure your success, or failures, not by others standards but by our own.
If you always feel like you are being left behind, and your frustrated at your lack of progress, put the yoyo down for a bit, like a week or two. When the passion to throw again is burning, you will have fun, regardless skill. And you’ll also have a renewed enthusiasm to learn more.

When you do feel down about throwing - read Ed Haponik’s blog. Seriously. Pure zen.

If you are really in this just to be “better than the others”… Drop it right now, quit yoyoing, and get out.
Yoyoing is done not for glory, sponsorship, or any bragging rights, its all about enjoyment, fun, freedom, creativity, and flow.
Yoyo cause you like yoyoing and forget about every other yoyo out there, there will always be someone better, so quit meditating on it.
Yoyo for you, and when you see those better you just gotta be like okie dokie lokie and continue what you do and dont be discouraged.
Again, if the reason you are in this is for glory and whatnot…
Right now.

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