The Key is Consistency

I was doing my usual thing where I was whining about collectors not throwing enough and not touching material like horizontal in some form or another, when a user here brought up a great point. He said:

And I thought “awesome response”, and I totally see where he’s coming from. But, my experience is slightly different. I say, he’s totally right if you’re talking about top competitors. No one wins worlds while holding down a professional 9-5 (to my knowledge).

BUT, my counter example to your point is myself. I’m a pre-med student, a let me tell you man, it’s rough. Last semester I was up at 6:30 doing calculus every morning, and I usually put in over well 8 hours of work, not counting class time. When you’re taking strenuous math, biology, and chemistry classes simultaneously, school rapidly turns into a full time commitment.

But I still made time to practice the violin for 90-120 minutes, and yo-yo for half an hour, every day. (And I usually got 8 hours of sleep too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:). For me, the key is consistency. Half an hour EVERY day, will lead to results. This is more than enough time to learn horizontal too. But you gotta do it consistently. And you’ve got to be motivated to improve. By that I mean actually PRACTICE. Break down what you’re having trouble with. Work on what you consistently fail at. Isolate one move and do it repeatedly. Few tricks are out of reach when exposed to this treatment.

Sound like turning yo-yo into boring work? Wondering why you would ever do that instead of just doing Kwijibo on your titanium yo-yo, and not having to practice? Do you say you have no interest in improving your skill, when you can just buy another yo-yo?
My response is: do me favor. Up your skill. Learn those hard tricks.
And then, when you’re yoyoing to music and you realize you can do any one of 6 great looking combos when your favorite part comes on,
When you get another $200 yo-yo, and you realize you can actually USE it, and REALLY appreciate it, by putting it through its paces, and by being able to tell how it actually plays, instead of just “appreciating the craftsmanship”,
When you look back at videos from yourself a year ago, and you can’t believe it’s even the same person yoyoing because you’ve improved yourself so much with you own two hands,
Tell me then it was all boring work. Tell me it wasn’t worth it.

I will post a video down below of some the tricks I made in the last year. Granted, some of them were made during summer vacation, which full time employees don’t really get, but most of them weren’t. Some of my very best tricks have been made at 9:15 PM right before I got into bed after a crazy day of solid studying.

During the hardest schooling semester of my life to date, I managed to pick up a sponsorship with Sengoku as well. You can do really cool stuff on less practice than you might think.

Anyway, here’s that video, and sorry if I got too preachy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::

(Just reading this back, I apologize if it comes off as overly aggressive or critical. But if you couldn’t tell, this is something I’m very passionate about. :smiley: )


Now this is a high energy post
No excuses!!


You gotta good point friend. It’s harsh but you’re speaking the truth. I’m still learning a lot of stuff, but I’m rapidly improving BECAUSE I’m consistently practicing each day. For an estimated total of 30min to an hour maximum on most days. I’ve taken a day off once or twice and quickly noticed how fast my muscle memory can fade in just that short amount of time without throwing. I’m personally blown away at the improvement I’ve made and that’s solely due to practice and an urge to improve, as well as seeing a lot of inspiration from fellow throwers who are braver than i to post videos lol. It’s a hobby like any other hobby, it get what you put into it.


This is so true! Once you get into the habit of practicing/learning, it gets super easy to just pick up a yo-yo and practice. I have a full time job, 2 part-times, and I still try to practice an hour a day with other commitments. I spend a good amount of money on yo-yos but give most of my throws a good amount of love and occasionally dings :two_hearts:


I mean no offense, but…

It’s nobody else’s business how I “really appreciate” my yoyos.

I don’t understand this vibe on the forum lately of telling people that they’re doing the hobby wrong.


Do you tend to focus more on getting yoyos than getting skill?
I apologize if you feel called out.

I’m not trying to tell you you’re “doing the hobby wrong”. I am trying to encourage you to take up a different hobby in addition. Which is actually yoyoing.

As someone who’s been (and is always going) through the process of improving myself through practice, I can tell you, it’s an amazing experience. Beyond any sort of materialism. I hate to see it rejected offhand by people saying “that’s not how I enjoy the hobby”.


I get up at 4am to practice every morning and throw during my free time throughout the day. Always have a yoyo on me


I am perfectly happy doing Kwyjibo with my titanium yoyo


I actually ascribe to what you say, and find time to practice as much as possible. So I don’t feel personally called out, no

But I’ve been seeing a trend on the forums lately in which people all but tell those who aren’t throwing at least every day, or who say they have yoyos they don’t throw for fear of damaging them, or who buy more than they practice, that they’re doing it wrong. No, not in so many words, but that’s the message that comes across.

Heck, it motivated you to write a rather lengthy post calling people out, specifically that you don’t have free time and still manage to practice. The wording you have here is very prescriptive:
“You can actually USE it”
“REALLY appreciate it”

The message is clear: if one is not doing yoyo in this way, one isn’t “REALLY” part of the hobby.

I appreciate your intention, but I feel you, and many other people as of late, have crossed the line from being motivating and into the realm of defining what “real” yoyo-ing is or isn’t.


Here’s the thing. I want to draw a distinction between yoyoing and collecting. True, they involve the same round objects, but I would argue that they are different enough to be two completely different hobbies.

So I am not saying anyone is collecting wrong. Goodness no. Collecting is great fun!

I’m just trying to encourage people to take up an additional hobby. The actual yoyoing in part.

And what I was trying to get across there was that I’ve found yoyoing more to enhance the enjoyment of collecting, because it allows one to appreciate how a yo-yo actually plays. Which is what they are designed for.


I’m personally in the hobby to play with these things. I also enjoy progress. (Yea zontal is cool af! I’ll try to do more of that now that I’m back into yoyos again)

But you cant expect everyone to have an equal amount of ambition towards progress in a hobby. I’ve met guitarists who played for several years who know very little simply because that’s how they get by mentally.


I understand (as much as it’s possible on a text-based forum). And I respect your intention and hope I didn’t offend with my statements.


Ehhhh. Utter nonsense. Wow so much nonsense. You’ve not only assumed what will give everyone more enjoyment but also assumed what yoyoing looks like.
To you yoyoing looks like trying to get better every day. That truly is boring to me. I dont need to learn horizontal to appreciate what this 300$ 50mm diameter organic yoyo plays like.
Someone doesnt need to adhere to your ideas about this hobby to enjoy it their own way. Not everyone needs to be motivated towards improvement to enjoy this hobby.
Let people do whatever they like without trying to shame them. Not everyone is trying to be sponsored. Some people just want to throw, make friends and be involved in a nice community without having to put so much effort into it.

Just reading this back, I apologize if it comes off as overly aggressive or critical. But if you couldn’t tell, this is something I’m very passionate about.


I can understand not wanting to be sponsored. Not trying to encourage that specifically.

The whole point of this thread is to try and respectfully encourage a different point of view. Maybe even motivate.

Personally I don’t see the need for the rudeness. If you feel upset, feel free to message me.

But I’d like to keep the discussion good. Sarcasm and nonsense calling don’t tend to lead to very productive discussion.


I totally get where you’re coming from too! Thanks for the great discussion man. You’re the best :+1:


Telling people that they should pick up yoyoing because they dont yoyo in the manner you like to is condescending and weird.
Your post is not encouraging mate. Its shamey.



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It’s not about what I like. That’s not very relevant.

But in any case, I can see we’re just going to disagree. And that’s fine! That’s how discussion happens.

I hope you enjoy your yoyos very much. And I apologize if this thread made you a little angry.

Have an awesome day.


Many yo-yos are works of art in design and decoration. Others are souvenirs or mementos of events or people you’ve met in life. There’s little difference between a thrower having a wall of throws that he/she never uses and someone like myself, who has little skill at painting but collects nice prints and drawings to hang on the wall and enjoy.
You don’t have to throw your yo-yos to appreciate them, is my point. If someone tried to convince me that I really need to learn to draw just because I enjoy looking at art, I’d be a little annoyed.

To your point about consistency, I agree 100%! Fifteen minutes every day will almost always yield better results than two hours once a week. I use the time I used to spend playing video games in the evening on practicing my throw and I feel good when I think that not long ago I couldn’t land a Trapeze. People outside the yo-yo community think I’m amazing because I can do a double-or-nothing. :smiley: