So what's the point?

I throw because it is fun. It’s hard to find a hobby that’s challenging and fun as Yoyo is. I’m not a pro at it, but that doesn’t take away the fun and challenge it has.

i play with my toys when im bored and dont feel like thinking about or dealing with any real life obligations or frustrations. if my toys caused me real life frustration i would stop playing with them

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 Yoyoing is more of a hobby to me than anything. Don't throw to get noticed. Just have fun with it! Getting noticed either will require you to work very hard or it will just come naturally if you compete or release videos via youtube or instagram. All i'm saying is that yoyoing should be about having fun and doing what you love. 
 This is quoted from Chuck's interview - "From the soul; I would advise any player to have an honest answer to the question, “Why do you yoyo?” If you find that you are doing it to appease someone else, impress others, get some sort of attention, status, achievement… essentially using it as a means to an end (of which I have been guilty of), then there will be trouble. However, if you can do what it is you do with this toy (whether for you that is a hobby, an artistic expression, a form of socializing, a creative outlet, a sport, etc.) simply out of love, all shall be gravy, baby."

 by the way i love that "simply out of love, all shall be gravy baby"
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Just throw because you enjoy it, not because you want to be on stage.

Many great responses, so I won’t be redundant.

Hope you find joy and keep it in this game.

I bet those millions of people in the world that play video games do it because they plan on making millions and getting all the girls

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Ok first off, I’m gunna say I get really nervous if I have any attention on me. I hate going up on stage. When I compeat, I do it for the prizes.
No really.
All I want is my entry fee back and hopefully some more.
Because $10 will become $250 in yoyo items.

But that’s not why I yoyo.

Why did I start?
That’s a good place to start yourself. Why did you start yoyoing? You wanted to become the best yoyoer in the world?

Most people don’t start that way.

Maybe you did.

When I started, I wanted to have fun. Fun is what I got. I get to be creative, make tricks, share with friends. It’s great.

Then I got sponsered.
I was like “Oh no, now I have to be cool”.
And so now I have to be cool. Get my tricks better. Place better. Go places. Do stuff I don’t want to do.
Most people dream of being sposered. Or owning a yoyo company.
But really. It’s just work. It takes away the fun.

So all you people go have fun. Getting sponsered is great, but don’t focus on the glory and the stuff you’ll get. It’s about having fun.

And if it wasn’t fun, I don’t see the point. Unless your doing this as a full time job. Which will never happen.

I could go on and talk about the point of life.

Why live? To get glory? Then to die and people forget about you. What would the point of that be?
If it’s just to have fun, what’s the point of that?
Why the heck are we here anyway?

Welp, I can’t say cause I would start a debate on religion and stuff and nobody wants that.

What’s the point of anything.

Answer that.


Nationals was awesome with Logan, Greg, Jordan and everyone else. That’s reason enough to yoyo. #igyoyocrew

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The comments posted in this topic can be taken in to a book and the name is going to be. Life , Philosophers and why we do this stuff. Make sure I’ll be the publisher.

I think you need to get into yoyoing for fun. Then you could become good enough and get noticed, but if you start playing to get noticed then I think it defeats the purpose of yoyoing in the first place.

I don’t think the champs started out to be noticed… they just had a lot of free time and then someone said “hey you can do something with this…”

I yoyo for one reason and one reason only. The scores of female groupies.

“Look at the way he lands those magic drops! He’s so consistent I think I’m gunna dieeeee! <3<3”


Far be it from me to make assumptions, but it seems to me there’s a lot more going on here than simply yoyoing. I can think of a few examples of famous and successful yoyoers that still seem to struggle with finding happiness and fulfilment in their lives. You could win worlds one day only to discover that you still feel unfulfilled afterwards when you go back to day-to-day life. Who you are is much more important than what you achieve, you cannot rely on yoyoing to make your life happy.

At any rate, there have been enough fantastic replies on here covering the “do it because you enjoy it” aspect, so instead I’m going to explore the alternative.

I remembered seeing your Horizon contest entry recently:

Personally I think you’re a pretty accomplished yoyoer, especially considering you’ve only been yoyoing for a year. The way I see it, if this really means that much to you then give it all you’ve got. You’ve already made some fantastic progress so keep that practice consistent and there’s no reason why you can’t go on to compete successfully.

All pro yoyoers started somewhere. Sure there are those who are naturally gifted, but there are also plenty who have gotten to where they are through sheer hard work and determination. Why not be one of them if that is truly your dream?

I can’t really think of any pro-yoyoer off the top of my head that was sponsored and well known after only a year of yoyoing. You’ve still got so much time ahead of you to improve and grow, don’t get too hung up on it at the moment to the point where it bothers you. Practice makes perfect.  :slight_smile:


Amen brotha.

I just yoyo to be weird compared too all my friends.

it’s a trap.

I see it over and over again.

anything in life, if not enjoyed for it’s own benefit in the right way, becomes instead of a source of enjoyment, a source of anxiety.

When I wanted notoriety for my creative tricks, my trick concepts weren’t ever good enough, fresh enough, or recognized enough.

it’s good to want to share concepts and ideas, and even to want them to be recognized, especially when it comes from a place of, “wow, I really enjoyed this, and want to share it so other people can enjoy it too.”

but when it comes something to feed off of, if there’s not enough views on your Youtube video, if there’s not praise of your skill and innovation… however much acclaim you get, will just be that much more that you empty out of yourself.

If you’re enthusiastic about something, you can’t be enthusiastic by comparison. The moment you compare your enthusiasm, is the moment you lose your enthusiasm. It’s like saying, “I’m only in love as long as my love can be better than someone else’s love.” At that point it’s not love… it’s something else - kind of the opposite. Then you’re no longer enjoying it for its own sake, but to bolster your own lack of identity. Then you don’t enjoy the thing, but you wind up just using it to empty yourself further.

if that happens, it’s okay to step back… re-evaluate.

don’t judge yourself harshly if you’re there. Many people are, have-been, and will be. Just recognize it… evaluate… move on.


Hey hey hey don’t take my copywrited words and steal them now.
I’m reading a book on world views and the meaning of life right now.

This is why we all yoyo.
I like being weird.

Ewwwww Magic drop.

What a stalker!

If your goal is to be the best, I say GO FOR IT. Gambit is right on. Some people have the skill, but no determanation, others don’t have the skill but have tons of determination.
Who is going t make it further?
The latter. You may become one of the best in the yoyo world. You may not.
Don’t be dissapointed if you don’t, and be happy if you do.

And above all
Have fun playing with toys

is it wrong to say i like to yoyo because i like the yoyo community and the feeling of string running across your fingers? :slight_smile:

Yes, that is SOOO wrong. :smiley:

oh come on, no-one LIKES the yoyo community, it’s just something we’re all forced to be a part of :wink:

What’s the point of this post?

I picked it up because it seemed fun, and guess what, it was :). I only saw a few videos online, I don’t know anyone else who throws, but all my friends think it seems pretty fun.

Its keeps my hands busy, and landing a trick you have been trying for a while is satisfying.

Wowowow. There are so many emotional and philosophical answers to this, I can never live up to this. :wink: #EternalDisappointment
I actually found abby’s post hilarious. I was going through this rollercoaster thread of all these life lessons and stuff, and then Abby’s popped up about how string feels on your finger. Can’t blame me that something else popped into my head just then :wink: Shame on me… :-\

What I can say though is yoyoing is fun. Once it stops, I would might as well stop because I started this yoyo thing for fun, and I’m gonna finish it fun.

Not sure if that makes sense. It does to me.
Make sense of what you will, or make your own sense. Yoyoing won’t ever make you cents, and once you got that down, you’ll be saying you haven’t felt happier since. That’s just my two cents.