What's your favorite?

aspect of yo-yoing.

like, why do you keep it up?

is it because it’s really unique compared to other competitive sports/hobby’s?
do you like to show off?
you can do whatever pops in your mind with it?

etc etc.

mines because no one i know does it, and i like to be different, in the good way.

Nice thread! I like it because it’s fun and keeps me active and off my rear. This forum is counter-productive but I also love learning and helping people! So thats two things to yoyoing a perk and a perk to fix a negative. :slight_smile:

thanks ;D
and yeah that makes sense :stuck_out_tongue:

I throw because its very zenful/mindful. It is incredibly similar to meditation. When I yoyo I dont think about anything else besides the trick im currently trying. I don’t worry about problems in my life or anything else. Also the whole aspect of pushing myself and progressing in my tricks. Strangely yoyoing is quite similar to skating! Anyone else agree?

I find it calming and it helps to take my mind off my fully frozen shoulder

There’s many different aspects of yoyo’ing I enjoy.
It’s very nostalgic for me and takes me back to a time when I was but a carefree child playing with Duncan Imperials on the playground.
I also enjoy the stress relieving aspects of it, as well as the fact that it makes me push myself and try and try until I get it right.
One other thing I enjoy about it is the yoyos themselves. I think they are beautiful and brilliant pieces of art in themselves. Each one being unique and having it’s own…personality of sorts really adds to the fun of learning how to play with a new yoyo.

I love creating my own tricks and that I can mqke up whatever trick I want

I also love to get new yoyos

wow, some people have some really good reasons to yoyo. better than what i expected :slight_smile:

The people. The only reason I held on to yoyoing was becasue of how diverse and friendly the community is. Screw tricks, meeting new faces is where it’s at.

Gets the ladies

I like it because it’s unique. I can relax and do whatever trick I want. :slight_smile:

The people is truly what keeps me yoyoing.

I just got back into throwing because I decided to stop playing video games, and yet I still needed a hobby to enjoy in my downtime. Most of the content I was enjoying in my video games was not God-honoring, and it ate up too much time. Which is to say, Yoing is good, clean, fun.

Its all about striving to be the best, all about the competitions to me, and all about hanging out with the yyf crew.

Ed covers this nicely:http://kinopah.blogspot.com/2010/07/yo-yo-79-hspin-good-evil-2-poison.html