What's your favorite thing about yoyoing?

The title says it all. I just want to know why people appreciate yoyoing as a hobby.

I know for me, it’s the fact that I can take it anywhere I go and never really get bored. That alone keeps me playing every day!

Why do you guys love yoyoing?

I know there’s always something new to learn. And it’s something I can always do when I get bored! ;D

It’s rewarding and accessible. The community is great. There’s always a place you can put in your own style.

Free yoyos.


Easy for you to say.

It’s a distraction

Money and Spam

Zen-like qualities.

Everything. Except for getting hit with a yoyo. In the face. That happened this morning. I now have a red scratch/bruise beside my right eye from my OneStar (glad it was a plastic though, LOL). Good thing it didn’t hit my eye, LOL. You know, this only happens when I am doing frontstyle…LOL.

Personal growth, relaxation and meditation.

Yoyo gets me out of my head. Yoyo is my holiday. My hideaway.

That “YeEeES…!” feeling when you finally get that trick.

Yoyojam is my favorite thing about yoyoing.

Lol jk. I love losing myself while performing. Of all the times I performed I always forget what I did, I just lose myself. The only time I can remember when I performed was competing at BAC 2013. I love the rush, I went under the prelim tent and I was shaking like a chihuahua out of a cold shower, but I couldn’t turn back. I placed 59th even though I only landed 3 tricks and switched out once. For my first competition, that was a huge win for me. I didn’t think I’d place anywhere near there. Especially cause I slacked off for 3 months even though I should’ve been practicing.

No batteries :slight_smile:

I think for me there’s a bit of what other people have already said:

  • no batteries
  • which means I can play anywhere any time
  • the joy of learning and landing new tricks and elements (bittersweet, because some FRUSTRATION can happen along the way!)
  • I just like yoyos as “objects”. They’re pretty cool little things!

The community. I think that is the one thing that people will never take away from this hobby.

I love when I yoyo in front of people that didn’t even know yoyos still existed and do a double or nothing and they’re like ‘WTXXFXFFXFXF?!?!?’ ???

There are two things I like most:

First, I like that it is a hobby you can do alone, or with others. It’s not like other hobbies or sports where you need the participation of others. I like that it’s versatile in that way. I mostly throw at home, in the privacy of my own home. But, when I am in the mood, I can throw in the company of others. There are people who yo-yo at work, anywhere they go, or at club meets. You can have fun with just you…and the yo-yo.

The second thing I like, is that you can take it as far as you want to go. You can be a person who just throws tricks at home, or you can compete. You can spin off the hobby and mod yo-yos, make holders for yo-yos ;D take photos of yo-yos ;D draw yo-yo related artwork, paint yo-yos on canvas, host a yo-yo radio show, design yo-yos, write yo-yo songs ;D or turn it into a business selling yo-yos. I have seen so many nice spin offs in this hobby that it’s incredible.

Those are my favorite things about the yoyoing. :slight_smile:

The fact that I can use it to express myself. If you’ve ever met me in person, you may know I’m the worst artist you will ever meet. I’m good with graphic design and animation, which I know is also art. However, if you give me a pencil and paper I honestly can’t draw ANYTHING. Stick people is where I’m at.

The point of saying all that was that, my mind is a paintbrush, yoyo is a canvas. (Not CLYW, like a literal paint canvas for you technical people)
If I come home frustrated from school, or stressed, I portray that in the way I throw. It helps me release the energy. If you observed the way my style varies from being aggressive to being chilled out, Gormley style, over a few weeks, you would literally be able to tell my mood each day. So that’s my 2cents… Maybe I’m the weird one for feeling like this… I don’t know, but I don’t care. That’s what makes yoyoing awesome for me :slight_smile:

When General Yo makes new yoyos. The only downside of them is that this causes me to spend large amounts of money.