A short rest from the insanity...

There are far, far too many topics where people just list a yoyo they’re playing, or have played, or that’s their favorite. And frankly it’s stupid. Fact: no one really cares what yoyo you’re throwing today, and these types of thread discourage actual conversing and exchange of ideas. I know I’m guilty of contributing to these sorts of threads, but I figured I might as well try and counteract some of the nonsense.

So I’m here to ask you a simple question: What do you like most about yoyoing and why?

I like the fact that it’s so obscure, yet relate-able. It’s evolved from a simple trick into this complex activity in such a short amount of time. You can be doing the hardest trick in your arsenal, but people will still recognize it as a yoyo. There’s really nothing else like it.

I’ve also been sort of a loner my entire life. For the most part, I prefer spending time alone and yoyoing fits the bill perfectly. I can throw on some headphones and be in my own world for as long as I please. And yet it can also be an extremely social activity (très bien!). It’s also one of the few hobbies where there’s always something new. New tricks, new styles, new yoyos, new shapes, new innovations.

We gripe and argue over silly things. Which yoyo is better, who’s the best, when who did what. But at the heart of it all, we all love doing the same thing. So lets focus on that instead.


Today, I am throwing my Chief.

My favorite yo-yo is my Code 2.

It’s a toy. I’m an adult and I have many toys, yet I play with hardly any of them.
I play with my yoyos every day, and I think about so many things while I play, it’s almost meditation. There are times when I’m focused, concentrated and learning, and there are times that I’m 1000 miles away in my head.

Yoyoing is a boredom buster. I hate just sitting or standing around. Check out lines, doctor offices, dentist office, any office, wait, wait, wait, no I don’t want to read 2 year old magazines, lines in amuzement parks, lines …hurray for the yoyo!

Now having said that, the most boring thing about yoyoing is when someone asks me to show them how long the yoyo can sleep! I always respond “It can sleep a loooong time. Want to see walk the dog”? Yep walk the dog is more exciting than a sleeping yoyo (I had to put that in just for you dog haters). :wink:

Yoyoing for me has helped me through some issues. From low-level stress to my surgery last year. It just helps me. That’s why I yoyo.

I canz walk the dog.

Sometimes these are good topic starters in themselves. They may start out dull but people have a way of using them to open up at times. It’s good to see other people maybe have the same stuff as you and either like or dislike it.

I’m probably the only one who actually looks at the “What are you Throwing Today?” thread. Kind of like keeping up one what yoyo’s people use daily. hehe

I don’t often post, but I enjoy both kinds of threads. I guess I favor trying to help people when I post (how sadly ironic that I’m posting here), and I enjoy perusing the longer threads when I get a chance, but I also really enjoy flicking through the ‘throwing today…’ style things. It’s enjoyable to see what other people throw, and also to see what people are most excited to purchase/trade for. Yoyoing has this nice crossover between being a pure skill toy and having a strong collection aspect, both of which appeal to me to some extent. And I throw really just to think while I do it. I’m also terrible at doing a single thing at a time, and so relaxing with some film while throwing a yoyo is a pleasant end to an evening. Like now for example…

Complaining about people making threads about yo-yo preferences on Yoyoexpert.com.

This guy is right.
I mean really, what the crap is wrong with us?


The subject of this thread is an excellent reason why I love to throw.
Because it’s a short rest from the insanity.


I like to be Have fun best thing about yoyoing :slight_smile:

I post to the “today’s throw” thread and the “just landed it” thread despite knowing that they’re not real conversation pieces. And I read them, too, because it takes mere moments.

Seeing someone write about throwing a particular yoyo I’m interested in can inspire me to send them a PM to pick their brain without having to do it in a “Tell me about the El Ranchero” thread.

I dunno. I’m fine with all those threads. And fine with this thread, too. :slight_smile: So let’s get to it!

I can’t explain “why yoyo”. I can tell you that I get a grin out of playing with yoyos… just today, I was doing some fixed-axle play, landed a trapeze-stall to brother-stall to chopsticks-stall for the first time, and was immediately gratified and elated, doing the whole “YES!” and fist-pumping thing.

This is a 39-year-old man in the middle of his workplace (taking a brief break from my cubicle).

I like the challenge… that it’s a “skill” toy (and not just a toy toy). It can require a certain amount of concentration, which I find meditative, or for tricks that are old hat, you can do them without concentrating much at all, which I still find keeps me occupied and “busy” which is sort of meditative in its own way…

I don’t mind the showmanship side of things. You can bet when I learn a fancy trick, I show my colleagues (those who care) and my family. I don’t mind yoyoing in public and having people watch or ask questions, though it’s not really my main goal and can SOMETIMES be unwanted. But still, it’s kind of cool doing showing a skill that not everyone has, and showing that a middle-aged guy can still play with toys. I wear my nerd and youthfulness badges proudly.

But… why yoyo? Specifically? Most of those things I can get out of playing guitar or other hobbies of mine. Certainly the average person would find “improving my guitar play” to be a more worthwhile endeavour than “improving my yoyo game” (I disagree with that sentiment, but I can see why people would have it). So ultimately… I just don’t know. It’s one of those things that appeals to me on a level that I don’t really comprehend or think too deeply about. I just think, “this thing is fun and cool,” and leave it more or less at that.

Good topic, Links! We’re bound to see several more clones of it in the near future. :wink:

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The great thing about yoyos is that we have so many options to choose from, and sharing our preferences can help others find their perfect throw. Trying new yoyos is an exciting aspect of this hobby, and supporting new companies trying to get the name out is awesome. I just love how relaxing it can be to just get lost in the yo as well… But when you do find ‘your’ perfect throw, your whole world just balances on a tiny polyester string :wink: and thats all i ever need.

Limitless possibilities. #1 reason why I throw. It never gets old.

Walking the Dogz http://youtu.be/ZV7lhDNNYJs

I like both kinds of posts and GregP outlined most of my sentiments exactly. Well said, sir!

I’m a 13 year old stuck in a 35 year old body. I’ve been at yoyoing for almost 3 years now. Sometimes I don’t have much time so I hit those quick favorite throws/daily throws/just landed it threads usually just to read. Sometimes I need a little drama so I look for a Jayyo/CLYW Prices/7075-GZR/JensenKimmit/BenMcPhee/SteveBrown/Etorre/etc post. I usually avoid serious posts, unless there is good opportunity to spice it up. Chachacha!

The first thing I thought of when i saw the thread title was Far Cry 3.

But I throw because its relaxing and fun - that’s why I do all of the things I do actually. Besides school.