Whats your favorite thing about yoyoing?

I didnt see a topic like this so I figured id start one.
A few of my favorite things about yoyo’s are. I love the fluent motions, they seem to calm me down if I am stressed out. I love that it is such an old tradition, It goes so far back that its like I am playing with a piece of history so to speak :). And I love how much fun it is!
How about you peeps?

It helps replenish my focus and concentration that my meds have taken away from me.

It helps me calm down and clear my mind, and also have fun. I also like meeting new people too. Yoyoing is a great thing in life.

I like the people

when random people come up to me in a shopping center while im throwing some yo, and ask questions like how long have you been doin that? or where do you get your yoyo’s from and my favorite, can you walk the dog?

doing the awesome tricks
showing people
and a lot of other stuff! :slight_smile:

Learning new tricks and showing them to your friends… It also is just plain fun… Its also cool to yoyo in public and everyone is just like “wow how did you do that, can i have your number”

Either the fact that its fun and I can carry my favorite hobby in my pocket, or rolling binds…

I’d have to say wowing people in random places, the awe in their eyes is so worth it!

It’s a time killer and a stress reliever. (: