Why do you yoyo?

What about yoyo attracted you to it? Is that the same thing that you like about it today?

This may sound weird but to a certain extend I find it very therapeutic, it requires a concentration that can take you away from your everyday problems and whatever you may be stressing about. Plus they’re extremely portable which is awesome, and the sense of accomplishment after having learnt a new trick. 8)

Pretty much that…

I find focusing on the precise movements mentally relaxing.

Took the words right out of my mouth.

I find myself in an almost zen-like state when I yoyo, it’s an escape.

Yoyoing, to me, is just addictive… oh, and very fun.

I started Yoyoing as something to do when I was working phone support (I learned to throw sitting down). Now 17 years later I find that I actually focus on projects and problems much better when I’m throwing. People I work with have just learned to deal with it, they know I think clearer and have my best ideas that way. It does occasionally get strange looks from vendors in meetings and can be a little distracting for others who focus on me rather than the issue at hand. I also have to make sure I use something relatively silent so no ringing metals and no dry bearings. Plastic grind machine with light lube on all 3 bearings seems to be acceptable.

Pretty much everything seansutt10 said in the comment above. To me yoyoing is a stress reliever and I find it fun to learn new tricks. I like how some tricks can be complex and beautiful. I also like the creative aspect of yoyoing.

I love yoyoing because it is so different from everything else. You can go up to anybody and they will be like wow! I like to show people how new, unresponsive yoyoing works. But that’s not the only reason I love it. I also love it because of what alot of people above said. Especially the accomplishment of getting a trick down.

At 33 years old, this… But when I started I was 7 and it was a coke/7up contest (spell yoyo with caps) and get a free one that got me walking the dog.

Been throwing for 26 years. Not as great as some of you, now it just relaxes me and keeps my ADD under control.

Very mindful for someone like me.

i have a hard time fittin’ 3 jugglin’ balls in my pocket…



Pretty much what has been said already. It is fun, it is relaxing, it sharpens my hand-eye coordination, I feel a sense of accomplishment learning a new trick, and I think it is one of the coolest hobbies out there. :slight_smile:

It’s fun, semi-educational, a hobby, and “addicting.”

It’s all I got. Can’t do sports because I don’t like any of them (with the exception of fencing) and it’s some thing that keeps the bully’s occupied so I can make my getaway.

:smiley: JK it’s partially that, but I just like doing this hobby! It’s fun I’ve met quite a few really cool people.

I yoyo because it’s always a triumph to learn a new trick. Every time I learn a new one, I literally pump my arms up and shout “YESS!” lol
It’s just always fun. Something that never gets really boring.

I used to like them flashy tricks and that got me into it. Now Im just chill when i throw…

jk I really just find myself a happier person after yoyoing for a while and while yoyoing. It’s nice and relaxing.

Yo-yoing is not only relaxing, but, at my age I need help with “hand/eye coordination”.

Throwing brought me out of a very depressing time in my life.

It’s fun.

because I like playing with toys, this one in particular is a really good creative outlet.

same reason I like drawing pictures; the happiest adults I’ve met are those still doing what they loved as kids.